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Monday 15 September 2008

DS136: Lydian

As most of you know, I love a good harmonic mix and I reckon this week delivers again. Some transitions are more harmonically compatible than others but all keys used are related in some way through my use of time stretching to manipulate pitch separately to tempo in real time. Slightly less harmonic transitions are acceptable and indeed desirable, contributing to tension if used in the right places and sparingly.

To relate and mix tracks tracks live using software it is really useful to have confidence in the key of each of your tracks prior to mixing with them. To help get this confidence, you can play along with the melody on a software MIDI keyboard mimicking it. Tracks that I have taken the time to do this in or that I have tried and tested in the mix frequently get an * in their comments tag. If I see one of those I get a boost and know exactly how it will sound in the mix, saving audition time during the live show. Some really good software to get you started keying your tunes is Rapid Evolution 2 by Qualia. It's a really nice java implementation and is being constantly improved.

XRS - Teleporter - Inside
Contour - If All You Need Is Time - Sole Digital
Amaning - The Limit - Sole
Donnie Dubson - Everywhere - Have A Break
Blake Reary - Nowhere Near (Advisory Remix) - Binary Soul
Damien Marley - Road 2 Zion (Atlantic Connection Bootleg) - DOA freebie
Icicle - Hang On - Shogun Audio
DJ Marky, Makoto - Impulse - Innerground
Blame - Guardian Angel - 720 Degrees Music
Sabaruko - Love Sensation - Sonorous
Brother - Do The Right Thing - Fokuz
Kubiks, Lomax - Despite Everything - Deepkut
Survival - Portal - Critical
Submorphics - What She Wants - Santorin 2000
Paul SG - Turbulences - Influenza Media freebie
Redeyes - Poetry In Motion feat. Sweed - Spearhead


  1. Look out for the minor to major key modulation and mode change between Everywhere and Nowhere near at 15 minutes in... how does it make you feel?

    Classical Greek philosopher Plato felt that playing music in a particular mode would incline one towards specific behavior associated with that mode, and suggested that soldiers should listen to music in Dorian or Phrygian modes to help make them stronger, but avoid music in Lydian, Mixolydian or Ionian modes, for fear of being softened. Plato believed that a change in the musical modes of the state would cause a wide-scale social revolution.

  2. Thanks for all your messageses on AIM too :S

  3. Awesome mix, once again, especially from opening tracks. Some really positive energy you deliver !

    And thanks for the historical reference.

    Fred, DS addict :D