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Monday, 31 March 2008

DS117: Circadia

Hot on the heals of his elder brother Nu:Tone's LP comes Logistics with 'Reality Checkpoint' of which a couple of tracks are featured below. Definately worth checking out in a download bundle - pure quality throughout. Today's mix also features one of the 4 Hero remix winners, Dangerous D - with an intensely bouncy take on Reinforced's 'Mr Kirk' saga. Also worth looking out for is the new EP from Vital Elements 'How it all began' bringing some fresh beats to some old school samples. More to come from that one in coming weeks.

Logistics - 96 - Hospital  
Futurebound, Brookes Brothers - Dawn Treader - Breakbeat Kaos  
PH - Take Me Home - Liquid Brilliants  
ICR - Heartbroken - Vibez  
Vital Elements - Dreams Become Reality - V2E  
Dangerous D - 4 Hero Mr Kirk (Uno Who Remix) - see 
Nu:Tone - Missing Link VIP - Hospital  
XRS - Bravin - Bulldozer  
Contour - Moving Higher (Basic Operations Remix) - Cymbalism  
Blue Sonix - Luv Me (Logistics Remix) - Spearhead  
>>> Kali - Tokyo (BCee, Lomax Remix) -  Outta London  
Survival - Inside Vibes - Vibez Recordings  
Logistics - Dreamer Of Dreams - Hospital  
SpectraSoul - Tender Doubt - Celsius  
Mutt - Credence (Kubiks, Lomax Remix) - Intrinsic  
Submorphics - What She Wants - Santorin 2000 
Biz Marki, Elephant Man - Let Me See You Bounce (Chris SU Dub Mix) - Pathological

Monday, 24 March 2008

DS116: Resurrection

I tried the new Traktor 3.4.030 beta this week but it had some serious issues with its claim of 'improved soundcard support' as it didn't work with my Creative X-Fi properly. This meant I had to revert back to the current release version, 3.3.060 for the show. The new sound engine changes are *intending* to help with hot-plugging MIDI controllers and audio interfaces when performing live.

One of 3.4's other interesting updates though, is full Unicode support. This means one of Traktor's most useful features, the track collection database and it's metadata tagging system become even more powerful. Supporting Unicode means collection fields with data stored in non-latin languagues such as Japanese, Hebrew and Russian can all be searched and sorted upon. It also means better language support for the interface labels. I look forward to the NI team getting this update nailed, it's a big one! Mixed and recorded live on Sunday 23rd March 2008. Happy holidays and big up to all my regular listeners - this mix is dedicated to you.

Aaron Simpson, Brian Abbey - Never Far from Right (Ben Sage Remix) - see iTunes  
>>> Contour - In Your Eyes - BIOS  
Utah Saints - Something Good '08 (High Contrast Remix) - Data  
4 Hero - Mr Kirk (DJ Loko Remix) - see  
Atlantic Connection - Alliance Amen - Sonorous  
>>> Snaper - Etron - Exegene  
Commix - Tycoon - Metalheadz  
Phono - Timestitch - Leet  
Proktah - Labyrinth (Phace Remix) - Have A Break  
>>> Maztek - Music Machine - Modulate   
>>> Sunchase - We Can Pay - Fragments  
The Insiders - Renaissance - Nu Directions  
Basic Operations - Southern Lights - Renegade  
Nos - Daylight - Dispatch  
Nu:Tone - On The Corner - Hospital  
L-plus - Middle East Sun - Viper 
>>> Marky, Bungle - Back To The Vibe - CIA  
>>> Naibu - KTX - Fokuz

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

DS114: I see Stripes

Thanks to all that commented about the different mastering and encoding used last week. After listening quite a a few times myself, I agree with what has been said and think the new processing may have advantages for live broadcast but for the purposes of these archives, my way is preferred.

So, with that in mind, we are back to the 192 kbps Sony Sound Forge normalised archives. This weeks set starts with a bang in D minor and includes some techier numbers, as some of you seemed to like the fact that I used to mix up the DnB sub-genres more. Do you agree?

Thanks again for your feedback and comments it really helps me to mould future shows. Please iTunes subscribers, don't foget you can also interect with me on my homepage at in addition to commenting on this feed directly here.

>>> John B - Red Sky feat. Shaz Sparks - Beta  
>>> Panda - Quebec - Wildlife  
Pyro, Jesta - Cho (Malsum Remix) - Nerve  
Subtone - Blue Screen - Syndrome Audio  
Telmo A - All By Myself - Santorin  
Subsonik - Communicate - Cymbalism  
Gridlok - Skanka - RAM  
Lynx - Distance Zero - Deep Soul Music  
Nu:Tone - Angel Eyes - Hospital  
Icicle - Lost Hours - Critical  
Georgie - Itsatoon (Kubatko Remix) - Beyond Belief  
Dom, Ryme Tyme - Syndrome - Saigon  
Maztek - Music Machine - Modulate  
Ryme Tyme - We Enter (Optical Remix Instrumental v.20) - No U-Turn  
Panda - Monkey Island - Wildlife  
Soul Intent - Jus Vibe - Blindside

DS113: Redux

This weeks archive file is the one saved directly on the Bassdrive server. Although it is only 128kbps, it is processed through a multi-band compressor with other dynamic enhancements made by Jesse G and Overfiend - the one I mentioned a few weeks back. To me it gives the whole mix a more even volume and adds presence but is quite heavily compressed. I'm still in two minds as to wether I use this or continue creating my own 192kbps archives derived from the normalised Traktor wav recording. Which do you prefer? Please let me know by commenting to this post (click through the post title). Oh, enjoy the mix! :)

Lynx - Envy (feat. Malibu Rhodes) - Sonorous  
Bungle - Good Times - Liq-Weed Ganja 
SpectraSoul - Tender Doubt - Celsius  
Brother - Second Time Round - Fokuz  
Soulgrifter - Believe me it's true - from  
Lynx - Shame On You - Sonorous  
Basic Operations - 4th Street Sound Click (Kubiks, Lomax Remix) - Phunkfiction  
BCee, Lomax - Changing Faces - Fokuz  
Electrosoul System - Purple Sky (Lomax Remix) - Nu Directions  
Autumn - Cut Away - Celsius  
BCee, Lomax - Unbreakable Vs Help You VIP - Intrinsic  
Telmo A - U Need My Love - Have A Break  
>>> Matrix, Futurebound - The Edge (feat. Sylo) - Viper  
John B - Mr. Freud - Beta  
Random Movement - She Don't Get It - Nu Directions  
The Architex - Altitude - Basement

Monday, 17 March 2008

DS115: Unsung

Mixed and broadcast live 6pm Sunday March 16 2008 on

Nu:Tone - Kitsch N' Sync - Hospital  
Futurebound, Brookes Brothers - Dawn Treader - Breakbeat Kaos  
L-plus - Middle East Sun - Viper  
Donnie Dubson - Summer Came - Phunkfiction  
Icicle - Lost Hours - Critical  
Bungle - Good Times - Liq-Weed Ganja  
Faalb - Atrbas (ICR Remix) - Misspent Music  
Breakage - Cooper - Critical  
Electrosoul System - Too Late - Built 2 Last  
Nu:Tone - The Wave - Hospital  
Soul Intent - Slow Jam - Blindside 
Mutt - Sharon's Song VIP - Intrinsic  
Naibu - Common Perception - Fokuz  
Kubatko, Lex Da Hexa, Twintone - Instead Of Me - Beyond Belief