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Sunday 7 September 2008

DS135: Corkscrew

Mijatoho - Jaz Gal - Jerona
Simon V, Telmo A - The Rhythm Track - Santorin
J. Majik, Wickaman - Crazy World (Brookes Brothers Remix) - Breakbeat Kaos
Danny Byrd - Gold Rush feat. Brookers Brothers - Hospital
Blame, The Pedge - Avalon - Hospital
K-Tee - Hypnotize Me - Shogun Audio
Big Bud - Children Of Jah (DJ Motive Remix) - Soundtrax
Benjie, Direct Feed - Komm (Gregor Tresher Remix) - Relentless Audio
Kali - Tokyo (BCee, Lomax Remix) - Outta London
Sonic - Dreamscape - Bingo Beats
Total Science - Badger Eyes - Hospital
Spy, Mosus - Mercury Tears - Product
Syncopix vs. M.Sauer - X-Cellence - Spearhead
Nu:Tone - Heaven Sent (Alternative mix) - Hospital
Sol.ID, Cybass - Soul Reaction - Unsigned
Saburuko - Brooklyn Summer (Morphy Remix) - Horizons
Blake Reary - Nowhere Near (Advisory Remix) - Binary Soul


  1. You're always on top, mix after mix ! Spent my holidays driving around France, DS extra loud in car, what a great experience :) Huge greetings for your work. Any event planned in France yourside ?

    Cheers ^^

  2. Merci fred! Glad you enjoyed the mixes... I must admit I listen to these mixes in my car too but have to burn them to CD first, which is a little annoying. I need to sort out one of those FM transmitters for my mp3 player....

    No plans in France but I'd love to play there sometime and see what the whole DnB scene is like.