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Monday, 14 November 2011

Mix DS171: Hertz 2 b u

More harmonically-mixed contemporary dnb with a satisfying energy-boost key shift in the middle.

Thanks to all featured artists and my loyal listeners!

Blade, MJT - Chill
MSDOS, DuoScience - So Simple
Break - Trying
D Bridge - Since We've Been Apart
Command Strange - True Love
MSDOS - Numinous
Calibre - Smooth Baby
Silent Dust - 1959 (Calibre Remix)
Donnie Dubson - The Small Things
Atlantic Connection - Magik Seekers
Fierce, S.P.Y - Borderline
K Tee, Friction - Jupiter
Metrik - Sunset 2011
Grafix - Millennium
MSDOS, Steez - Going Back
Command Strange - Sweetest Goodbye
Blu Mar Ten - Five Summers
Command Strange - Carnival

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mix DS170: Soul mate

It's been a while due to heavy work life demands so thanks for your patience. Lots of sweet goodies in this mix to keep us rolling through October. Let me know if you're feeling it!

Calibre - Mirage
Kasper - Every Sunrise
MSDOS - Broken Arrow
DJ Clart - El Escorpion Estilo
MSDOS - San Francisco Cable Car
Integration Now - Flow
DJ Marky, S.P.Y. - Mystic Sunset
MC Conrad, Makoto - Golden Girl
Dub Tao - East Of Underground (Bungle Remix)
The Square, Blue Motion - You Dont Need Me feat. MSDOS (Zoom Remix)
Bungle - Tears
BMK - Jazz Tone (Qumulus Roll A Phat One Remix)
Level 2 - Days Of Rain
MSDOS - Sweet Memories
Ill Skillz, DubFX - Face The Music feat. DubFX
Concord Dawn - Hindsight feat. Nina McSweeney
Culture Shock - Protection
Turtled - Pseudo Blues
Bungle - Blue

Monday, 15 August 2011

Mix DS169: Thermosphere

Keeping the beats rolling through what has been a riotous August...Rest assured kind patron, the only thing I'll be smashing and grabbing anytime soon will be your eardrums and heart respectively.

Big Bud - Blues For Zoran
MSDOS - By Cough
Turtled -  Tropico
Level 2 -  Ghetto Sounds
Pappa G - She Knew
Komatic - Now Shes Free
The Planty Herbs - Output
DJ Marky, Makoto -  Secret Place (Random Movement Remix)
Intelligent Manners - I Hope U Do
Jonny L  - 1 n 2
The Square  - Motion
MSDOS - Debacle
Command Strange - Bingo
Atlantic Connection - Everything Changes
Command Strange - Emotions
Paul SG -Tears Not Drying
MSDOS - Jazz Fantasies
Disaszt - We Rise feat. Shimon
Matrix, Futurebound  - Biology
Intelligent Manners  - Like Cat & Mouse

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Mix DS168: Primal

Inspiration for this one came from my new Kef KUBE 2 subwoofer and a reinvigorated interest in one of my favourite cartoons from the 80's, Thundercats. I want my hair like Lion-O's...

The new sub really does make all the difference when listening to this genre of music. It opens up a whole new layer of sound that otherwise gets missed, even on decent full-range speakers or headphones. My neighbours are probably a little less enthusiastic, I'm sure...

Madday - Apricot Paradise (Deep Focus Remix) 
Big Bud - Lady Sing The Blues 
dRamatic, dbAudio - Subtle Shaking 
Ill Skillz, DubFX - Face The Music feat. DubFX 
Division - Stand By 
Turtled - Tropico 
Intelligent Manners, Command Strange - Groover 
Nookie - Sunset Over Sopot 
DV8 - The Criminal 
Ill Skillz - Hands Up 
Disaszt - Transference feat. Chris Su 
DJ Origin - Breaking Heartz 
Kator - Ebula 
Atlantic Connection - True Love 
Kung - Fixation 
Implex, Enei - Constellation

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mix DS167: Made By Hand

Brookes Brothers - The Big Blue
Matrix - Shelter
Culture Shock - Zeppelin
Technicolour, Komatic - Just Play
MSDOS - Lanes
Redeyes, Sinistarr - Solar 9
Smooth - Calling
Total Science, S.P.Y - Whilst You Were Sleeping
Komatic, Technicolour - Changeling
Grimm - Oblivious
Deeper Connection, Scott Allen - Love Is All (MSDOS Remix)
Donnie Dubson - Good Habbits
Total Science, 8 Bits - Concrete Proof
Jazzsteppa, Foreign Beggars - Raising The Bar (Stray Remix)
Mixmaster Doc - Cancelation Dub
Icicle - Spartan (Noisia Remix)
Survival - The Put Down

Big up to Dave for the artwork in this mix. Reminds me of a DNA double helix...Make sure you check out his site in the Hot links section.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Mix DS166: Twine

A harmonic but heavy drum and bass mix for us to pound eardrums with in May... Feel free to listen here by pressing play above or download by pressing the down arrow. Hope you enjoy!

Velocity, Key MC - Ladder
Netsky - Let's Leave Tomorrow feat. Bev Lee Harling
Level 2 - Ghetto Sounds
B4sstee - Silence Is Everywhere
Die, Break - Slow Down feat. Die
Fatal Forms - Condenced
ArQer - Boat Ride
Millions Like Us - Don't Let Go (In Context Remix)
Lenzman - Masquerade
Fourward - Wishes (Mindscape Remix)
SPL - Soul Container
Abstract Elements - Basic Substance
Klute - Tranceformat (Ill Skillz Remix)
Command Strange - Pushed
MSDOS - Mayan Hieroglyphics
Tow - Good Night
Modemellow - Feel Inside
Advisory, Scenic - Afterglow
ASC - Numatic (Orion remix)

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mix DS165: Subduction

Grafix - Outro
The Planty Herbs - Output  
Enea - All Nights  
Netsky - Escape feat. Darrison 
Heavy1 - You'll Be Over 
Break, Silent Witness - Rain Man  
Flame - Takeover  
Subficial - Special Someone (Tow Remix)  
Bcee - Generations (S.P.Y. Remix)  
Echo Inada - Miss You  
MSDOS - Soul Addictions
Intelligent Manners, Command Strange - Talking About Love  
Command Strange - Pushed  
Intelligent Manners, Command Strange - Catch The Beat  
B4sstee - Groove With Me
Basic Operations - Soul Hold
Random Movement - Waterlogged 
Jenna G, D1 - Flood Of Emotions feat. Jenna G (Enei D&B Mix)  
Netsky - Hold On To Love  
Kyro, MSDOS - I Always Knew  
Nu:Tone - One (Instrumental Mix)  
MSDOS - Lesvos Journey

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Mix DS164: Opposition Control

  1. Man Of Bamboo - Time Traveller - (Baxter Chill Bill Mix) - Take One
  2. The Square, Blue Motion, MSDOS - You Dont Need Me feat. MsDoS (Zoom Remix) - Fokuz
  3. XRS - Mad Scientist (Bachelors of Science Remix)
  4. MSDOS - Oldschool Madness - Soul Deep
  5. Danny Byrd - Wait For Me feat. Zarif (Instrumental) - Hospital
  6. New Zealand Shapeshifter - Electric Dream (State Of Mind Remix) - Hospital
  7. USB - The Swallow - Fokuz
  8. Komatic, Technicolour - Dickinson's Rocket - Bassdrive Tunes
  9. Survival - High - Dispatch
  10. Command Strange - Secret Feelings - Fokuz
  11. MSDOS - Mayan Hieroglyphics - Soul Deep
  12. Generic - The Underdog - Vampire
  13. Random Movement - She Don't Get It - Nu Directions
  14. Danny Byrd - Tonight feat. Netsky (Cutline Remix) - Hospital
  15. Camo, Krooked - Skyline - Beta
  16. Bcee - Heartache (Matrix Remix) - Spearhead
  17. L Plus - Yellow Star - Bad Monkey
  18. The Funktion - Get Up - Critical

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Mix DS163: Red eye

I dislike long haul flights at the best of times but one thing that makes them more bearable is a new mix or two. I'm off to LA again tomorrow so threw this together for the journey. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Limit, Ducker - Siberia - Quebola
Kyro - Spring Fever - Nextgen
I Wannabe - The Miracle Of The 21st Century - Rubik
Phors - Show Me Right - Fokuz
Zero T, Steo - Too Much - Integral
MSDOS - Obstacles - Have A Break
Brookes Brothers - Last Night - Breakbeat Kaos
Rockwell - Stay Calm - Critical Music
Command Strange - U Can't Touch This - Fokuz
Blue Motion - Heat Of The Night - Urban Chemistry
Survival - Find A Way - Dispatch
Seba - Never Let You Go - Warm Communications
Fourward - Let Me - Fokuz Limited
Mutt - Thinking feat. Kevin King - Soundtrax
Mutated Forms - Chasing Dreams - Allsorts
Dub Tao - East Of Underground (Bungle Remix) - Hard Edged
Trex - Daily Operations - N/A
Subshot - Outlaw - Abaga
Command Strange - Summer Breeze - Fokuz
Wreckage Machinery, Blue Motion - Dream On - Urban Chemistry