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Tuesday 30 November 2021

Mix DS197

I sift through *a lot* of music to find tracks worthy of bringing to you on this podcast so when I discover artists of quality I had previously overlooked I kick myself but then get a real buzz gorging on their back catalogues.

Featured this time and due a special shout out are cream of the crop titles from Rafau Etamski hailing from Poland and Melinki from here in the UK. Also inspired from trying Forza Horizon 5, big up to another new discovery for me, brazilian Urbandawn for "Fly Away".

Technimatic - Makes Me
Lenzman	- Down For Whatever
Detect Theory, Synthezia - Don't Want to Stay
Melinki - What's Real
Nymfo - Before Dawn
Dan Guidance, Fishy - Tides
Metrik - I See You feat. Kathy Brown
Rafau Etamski - Even If We Try
Sub Focus, Alma - Don't You Feel It (Sub Focus, 1991 Remix)
Rex Hooligan - In My Life (ft. Julia Probst)
Rafau Etamski - To Have Forever
Kodan, Dproduct - Funk Me 
Urbandawn - Fly Away
DJ Ham - Most Uplifting (Bladerunner Remix)
Melinki - It's Over (Random Movement Remix)
Rafau Etamski - Like The Wind
MidKnighT MooN - Ride or Die
Rafau Etamski - Stare Into My Eyes
Melinki - Time and Time Again
Rafau Etamski - Amina
A.M.C - Eject