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Monday 1 September 2008

DS134: Rigmorale

I am a bit busy today but will update this post with a playlist as soon as I get time in the week so make sure you check back. In the meantime, enjoy the mixing and please feel free to post me up some questions or comments (if you have any!) Playlist update:

Random Movement - Lesson & Aftermath - Deepkut
Zero T - Threads feat. Alix Perez - CIA
Autumn - Cut Away - Celsius
Donnie Dubson - Static Energy - Have A Break
Brother - Little Child - Sonorous
Bachelors Of Science - Strings Track (Apex Remix) - Horizons
Electrosoul System - No One Knows - Subtitles
Logistics - Waiting Line - Hospital
Redeyes - Turn Around - Deepkut
dRamatic - A Long Way - Unsigned
Kubatko, Lex Da Hexa, Twintone - Instead Of Me - Beyond Belief
Big Bud - White Widow - Soundtrax
Marky, Bungle - Back To The Vibe - CIA
J. Majik, Wickaman - Crazy World (Brookes Brothers Remix) - Breakbeat Kaos


  1. whats the name of the very first track?

  2. scrap that, whole tracklisting please!

  3. No problem sparks - playlist added!

    The opener, Lesson & Aftermath by Random Movement is a truly stunning piece of work...and available to buy as a digital download right now!

    However a warning to DJ's; the copy I got was off key. To fix this I shifted the pitch about half a semitone down to make it sit securely in A#m and mix well with Threads which is also in A#m.

  4. cheers Roc, particularly enjoyed this mix!

  5. A very enjoyable mix! Very strong ending.