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Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Mix DS192

Hey all, I realise these mixes are rarer than hen's teeth these days but I'm reluctant to publish stuff I'm not completely happy with. Thing is, I'd never publish anything if I let that stop me - this mix (towards the end) from a technical standpoint being a good example... Hopefully it gives you a similar kick to the one it it gave me when recording it live.

Oh and I've uploaded a load of historic mixes with playlists as part of my change in file hosting so have a browse by year through the archives or do a search for your favourite tracks in the sidebar. More to come!

Stay safe,

LSB, DRS - Could Be - Footnotes
Anastasia, GLXY - It's Not Love Ft. Anastasia - Shogun Audio
Kasra - Focus On The Love - Critical Music
Futurebound, Trei - Stars Will Fall - UKF
Carlito & Addiction - Funk That - V Recordings
Kodan & Dproduct - Funk Me - Full Cycle
Halogenix - Blej (Fade Black Remix) - Critical Music
Chino - Riptide
Danny Wheeler - On Love - Liquid V
Paul SG - The Change (Malaky Remix) - Jazzsticks Recordings
Submorphics - Memories of You - The North Quarter
Grafix - Blue Dreams - Hospital Records
Dawn Wall - Take Control - Ekho
Logistics - Chant - Hospital Records
Banzulu - Gulfstream - None60
Kove - The Music 
Koven - Give you Up - Monstercat
Ulterior Motive, Judda - The Ripper - Guidance (UK)
Ricky Force - Make It Right (Dead Man's Chest Raw 94 Remix) - Repertoire
Sub Focus, feat. Alpines - Tidal Wave - Mercury UK
--Can't remember this one's title but it's quite technoey--
Need For Mirrors - Arp Tune - RAM Records
Brookes Brothers - So Many Times (Blaine Stranger remix) - Viper Recordings
Advisory - Revival - Offworld Recordings
Blaine Stranger - Arms Of Mine - Viper Recordings
Calibre - No One Gets You - Signature 
Matrix, Raphaella - Hold On - UKF
Matrix & Futurebound - Follow Me feat. Ayak (Blacklab Remix) - Viper Recordings