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Wednesday 29 December 2010

Mix DS162: Lilt

What's up Digital Soundboard fans? Hope you have had a decent Christmas time and are looking forward to 2011 as much as I am. Here's a mix to keep you and yours moving into the New Year.

Thanks for the loyal patronage in 2010 and my very best wishes for next year to you all.

Sobersoul - Dazzle Tears - Aerial Vibes
Metrik - The Arrival feat. Jan Burton - Viper Recordings
Concord Dawn, Nina McSweeney - Easy Life feat. Nina McSweeney - Uprising Records
Lenzman, Riya - Bittersweet Pt 2 feat Riya - SGN:LTD
B4sstee - When You Go This Way - Wayside Recordings
Paul SG - Grey Skin - Influenza Media
Kjell - The Last Thing - Function Records
Generic - The Underdog - Vampire Records
Netsky - Storm Clouds - Hospital Records
Alix Perez - Contradictions - Shogun Audio
Broken Drum - I - Urban Chemistry
Metrik - Inner Child - Viper Recordings
S.P.Y - By Your Side (Logistics Remix) - Spearhead Records
Concord Dawn, Rido - One And Only feat. Rido - Uprising Records
Die, Break - Slow Down feat. Die - Symmetry Recordings
Netsky - Let's Leave Tomorrow feat. Bev Lee Harling - Hospital
Metrik - Ocean Drive - Metrik's SoundCloud
Kava Kava - Clarity - Believe Electro
Break - The Only Way - Symmetry Recordings


  1. A great job fella... Lenzman kills it every time for me, awesome tune.

    Thanks again for some quality sounds. Have had DNB withdrawal symptoms over Xmas bu back to work today.

    Working without the DSB to keep me going just wouldn't be the same...

    Happy days.


  2. Err P.S. why aren't you following me on twitter...? lol

  3. Well...

    After about 4-5 listens today I can definitely put this in the top 3 DSB mixes of all time. I think just for nostalgia 105 is still tops (HAHA)... followed a close second by 162 then 143.

    A wicked arrangement mate.


  4. Excellent Mix. Very good songs...keep it up. Kudos from San Francisco. Love the vocal D&B.

  5. Dave - nice one glad you're feeling it. I like parts of this one more than other parts. This is normal though...I have yet to hear the perfect mix but in some ways that's what keeps me striving to improve .. so I should be grateful for it!? :S

    Jeremy - Kudos back at ya San Francisco! I love vocals too - they help give some narrative and can sometimes really set off the more instramental tunes. I love the way a DJ can build conversations with them too and add another dimesion to the story.