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Saturday 5 February 2011

Mix DS163: Red eye

I dislike long haul flights at the best of times but one thing that makes them more bearable is a new mix or two. I'm off to LA again tomorrow so threw this together for the journey. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Limit, Ducker - Siberia - Quebola
Kyro - Spring Fever - Nextgen
I Wannabe - The Miracle Of The 21st Century - Rubik
Phors - Show Me Right - Fokuz
Zero T, Steo - Too Much - Integral
MSDOS - Obstacles - Have A Break
Brookes Brothers - Last Night - Breakbeat Kaos
Rockwell - Stay Calm - Critical Music
Command Strange - U Can't Touch This - Fokuz
Blue Motion - Heat Of The Night - Urban Chemistry
Survival - Find A Way - Dispatch
Seba - Never Let You Go - Warm Communications
Fourward - Let Me - Fokuz Limited
Mutt - Thinking feat. Kevin King - Soundtrax
Mutated Forms - Chasing Dreams - Allsorts
Dub Tao - East Of Underground (Bungle Remix) - Hard Edged
Trex - Daily Operations - N/A
Subshot - Outlaw - Abaga
Command Strange - Summer Breeze - Fokuz
Wreckage Machinery, Blue Motion - Dream On - Urban Chemistry


  1. Thanks for a new Mix Richard - have fun in LA. PS: When are you next playing in the UK - would be cool to see you live in London :)

  2. And it's another good one!

  3. Thanks both!

    No plans for playing anywhere except my front room for the forseeable I'm afraid. If I didn't already have what currently equates to 2 day jobs I might register with an agency or put myself out there for bookings...I'd love to play in London sometime though and am especially open to direct invitations from regulars to my site who know what kind of thing to expect from me.

  4. A very odd feeling... Almost one of despondence. Quiet a reflective sounding set fella. Not sure if its me or the music.. Is there something is the 'science' of what key this is prominently in that could back this up????

    PS don't forget the Helsinki leg of the 'ROCDOLLAR WORLD TOUR' is at the top of the calendar...!!!

    Take it easy mate hope you are enjoying/enjoyed L.A. YEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAW!

  5. Haha yes Dave I believe there is. This set is largely in a minor key which can create an uneasiness for the listener. It's centered around D and A minor which are associated with melancholy and tenderness respectively. The addition of more tracks with Major key content would have lifted the overall mood to some degree.

    The selections I make are an expression of my current mood. If I'm feeling despondent then my selection will probably reflect that too. That is what is so powerful and fun about harmonic mixing - when you understand how keys can reinforce or change the way we feel they can transcend the individual tracks.

    I could have made a set in mainly major keys to cheer the listener up, but someties it is therapeutic to wallow in self pity. ;-)