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Sunday 14 November 2010

Mix DS161: LHR 2 LAX

I did this quickly today so I had a fresh mix for tomorrow's business trip to LA. I wasn't going to release it as the next episode as it was initially just meant as a way to listen to some of my new tunes during the 11 hour flight. I changed my mind...

Knowing someone else could be listening to what I am will be a welcome comfort. See you on the flip!

Command Strange - Rainbow In Your Hand - Fokuz
Random Movement - Waterlogged - Innerground
Flaco - On A Ride - Soundtrax Records
ATP, Dave Owen - Way Back When - Rubik Digital
Theory - Dirty Tricks - Translation Recordings
Crystal Distortion - Elysee Crash - Expressillon
Bcee, S.P.Y. - Nothing To Declare - Spearhead
Level 2 - Days Of Rain - Liquid V
The Force - Blinded - Rebel Bass
Muffler - Triplet - SighCo
Chris.Su - The Bell - Triple Vision
Flaco - I Just Wanna Be - Soundtrax Records
Random Movement - Kids In The Sea - Innerground
Muffler - Gone With The Wind - SighCo
The Force - Hoodlum - Rebel Bass
Dave Owen - Stay Cool - IQ Entertainment
Muffler - Rotate - SighCo
New Zealand Shapeshifter - New Day Come (The Nextmen Remix) - Hospital


  1. errrr where's the download link for the mix Roc?!

  2. Fixed from t3! Thanks Mr S

  3. Good to see 'New Day Come' - one of the best DnB tracks ever IMHO.

  4. Excellent mix! Have fun in LA.

  5. Thanks NB - LA was wicked but I had to work most of the time out there so didn't get to see much (that wasn't shrouded in darkness anyway). Next time!

  6. looking forward to this weekends mix fella...