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Sunday 16 May 2010

Mix DS155: Sacrifice

Fresh off my digital anvil (that is Traktor) comes the May 2010 offering, recorded live on Sunday morning. Big up and thanks to listener Max N for the artwork - hopefully we'll see more of his design skills in future episodes. Not only do we strive to look after your ears, we make sure your iPhones/Androids look the part too.

  1. Sonic - All I Wanna Do - Hospital
  2. D Bridge, Artificial Intelligence - Three's A Crowd - V
  3. Jonny L - 1 n 2 - Hospital
  4. Komatic - Those Around Me - Unsigned
  5. BrokenDrum - Midnight Hour - Urban Chemistry
  6. Intersidereal - Disturbed Balance - Red Mist
  7. State of Mind - Sun King (Chris SU Remix) - CIA
  8. Blame, Ruff Sqwad - On My Own - New State Music
  9. Mistabishi - Millwall - Hospital
  10. Exocet - Demon Seed (The Insiders Remix) - Nu Directions
  11. Random Movement - Please Don't Leave Me - Driven AM
  12. Lenzman - More Than I Can Take - Critical Presents : Modulations
  13. Jonny L - Dreaming (Utah Jazz Remix) - Nero
  14. Netsky - Eyes Closed - Allsorts
  15. Ross D - Home Wrecker - Bassdrive Tunes
  16. Inside Man - Ocean's One - Vibration
  17. Total Science, Riya - Redlines - Critical Music
  18. Bachelors of science - Song For Lovers - Horizons
  19. Command Strange - Vanilla Dream - Fokuz
  20. Trei - Mindless - Uprising
  21. Enei - Atlantis - Hospital
  22. Nero - Innocence - MTA
  23. The Streets - Blinded By The Lights (Nero Remix) - New State Music


  1. Quality bit of Dub Step towards the end fella.!!

  2. PS enjoying the new graphics for each show.... let me know a theme for the next one I'll go to town on it!

  3. Hey Roc, I've been a listener since mix #131, so I'm way overdue in saying this, but this is an incredible podcast! Really loving the latest mix!

  4. Awesome mate, wish I'd stumbled upon your mixes before now!

    Total Science, Riya - Redlines - fantastic!!!

  5. Thanks both. It's my fault for not proactively promoting the site. I rely mostly on people getting to me via iTunes or Google searches. Of course there is always word of mouth too ;D

    Excited to be compiling some tunes for the next episode at the moment.

  6. Hmm I've never really paid any attention to this time of music but this mix is very nice!
    Thumbs up! 5 stars