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Saturday 17 April 2010

Mix DS154: Gimme Some

April's mix celebrates the launch of eagerly anticipated new label from Bassdrive Radio, BassdriveTunes. With ten releases of two tracks a piece this opening salvo really demostrates great appreciation of drum and bass in it's purest form and the highest of mastering standards. The below mix features just a taster of what is on offer so I'd highly encourage you check out some of the others on their site. Great work Bassdrive!

So many good new tunes it seems unfair to single anyone out but please let me know which ones you are particularly feeling by commenting. As usual, all mixed in harmonically with a few of my trusty staples. Hope you enjoy and can Gimme Some feedback :P

  1. Alex M, Nusense - Let Me Down - Urban Chemistry
  2. High Contrast - Metamorphosis - Hospital
  3. Spirit - Re-Dial - Metalheadz
  4. Logistics - Lullaby - Hospital
  5. Lenzman, Riya - Bittersweet feat. Riya - SGN:LTD
  6. Random Movement - Back In My Life - Driven AM
  7. D.Kay, Lee - Tuning VIP - Metalheadz
  8. Squash, Sensus - Old Piano - Urban Chemistry
  9. So Flow - Plea - Vibration
  10. Dizzy Muzzy - Sounds Like - Urban Chemistry
  11. m25 - Morning Rain - BassdriveTunes
  12. Mage - Two Thousand and Two Nights - BassdriveTunes
  13. Logistics - 96 - Hospital
  14. Reza - Easy - ???
  15. Komatic, Technicolour - The Entire City - BassdriveTunes
  16. Camo, Krooked - Turn Up (The Music) - Hospital
  17. SubFocus - Airplane - RAM
  18. Artificial Intelligence - Desperado - V
  19. Basic Operations - Caulker Sunrise - CIA
  20. Netsky - Memory Lane - Hospital
  21. Kubiks, Lomax - Vegas Remix - Phunkfiction
  22. ATP - Tomfoolery - Urban Chemistry


  1. AWESOME mate...

    I'd put it in my top 3 DSB's of all time!!!

    Camo, Krooked - Turn Up into SubFocus is just a dream!!!

    Loving the oldies meets newbies feel to this mix too... I'd suggest going back to one mix a week!!!! lol ;0]

    D4VE 4SH

  2. Haha cheers for the comment Dave - begs the question though: which are the other mixes in your DSB top 3? :P

    I'd love to do weekly mixes and some day may again but sadly at the moment I just don't have the spare time. Monthly seems managable now and means I can maintain (relatively) high standards.

    Also, at the expense of sounding weird I really do like to listen to my own latest mix for a whole month solid. I enjoy the tunes and it really helps me to listen and learn for the next one.

  3. Well... the one which you play a tune of mine funnily enough (Inkjet – Peak Search) which I think was DSB103...? (not sure).

    Oh and DSB105 and absolute plethora of epic tunes back to back. Commix into Lomax is “proper”.

    D4VE 4SH

  4. I like it!

    The changes of pace were not what I was expecting as your recent mixes have been quite steady, so this was refreshing. The opening tune is killer.

    BassDriveTunes seems like both an awesome idea and a natural progression for the BassDrive empire.

  5. yo roc' absolutely loving the new mixes...check your facebook profile...left you msg i think you ought to check out!

  6. Hey buddy,

    Just got back from a big cycle trip and mix DS154 got me through lots of tought moments. a truly badass mix!