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Sunday 27 June 2010

Mix DS156: Whirlwinds

This month I have been setting up my new 64-bit Windows 7 PC and while many things work much better than before in Traktor many other things don't work at all anymore - my x-session pro MIDI controller being one of them. Infuriating as it is fannying about with new PCs to get them how you want, I have managed to squeeze out a new one hour mix.

This month's artwork is one from a 'science of harmony'-inspired series by David Ashton. More to come in future episodes. Thanks Dave!
  1. Netsky - Mellow feat. Terri Pace - Hospital
  2. Electrosoul System - Moving In Transit (BCee, Lomax Remix) - Spearhead
  3. S.P.Y - Elite Squad - Vandal
  4. K-Tee - Hypnotize Me - Shogun Audio
  5. S.P.Y, Total Science - Above The Clouds - Shogun Audio
  6. Mutated Forms - Time to Shine - Allsorts
  7. Jazz Thieves - LoveSick - Pushin' Wax
  8. Sequent Industry - Moon Lake - Offworld
  9. Madmen & Poets - Above The Rim (Naibu Remix) - Fokuz
  10. Netsky - Pirate Bay - Hospital
  11. MRSA - Chemicals - Hospital
  12. Paul SG, Caine - Electrosoul - Influenza Media
  13. Donnie Dubson - Summer Came - Phunkfiction
  14. Naibu - KTX - Fokuz
  15. dBridge - Memory Park - dBridge's SoundCloud
  16. Beta 2 - Trojan - Bassbin
  17. Protech - Rain Comes (Sequent Industry Remix) - Offworld


  1. Can't wait to hear it! About to put it on my iPod now to listen to it...been waiting for the next mix, as I look forward to these every month. Yeah Windows 7 is hard to set up just the way you want. But no more worries about hardcore viruses, that's for sure.

  2. What a great mix! Excellent track selection and superb flow.

  3. Good job mate - been looking forward to this one!

  4. woahhh, massive mix! really enjoying this one mate. Think I have played the mix around 10 times in the last 24 hours lol

  5. Thanks all. Paul that's pretty hardcore...but I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been doing the same. Glad you guys are feeling it.

  6. Sweet mix dreadly...

    You've put art work up on your blog server so can't see it at work... :0[

    This is cool as F*CK! will take this to Helsinki and play it out to the FINN'S!!!

    D4VE 4SH

  7. Found this set off of

    Really enjoyed the vibe and the mixing.

    Downloading some of the older sets and looking forward to the next one!

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