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Tuesday 10 June 2008

DS126: feat. Vinyl Abort guest mix

Part 1: My bit

Part 2: Audio Graffiti mix recorded by Vinyl [Abort]

A shorter live set this week from me due to a guest studio mix from Tim and Jim, the technical and musical force behind Ableton Live mash-up group, Vinyl [Abort]. These guys last appeared on the show about 2 years ago and really impressed, so it was a great pleasure to air their talents once again.

As expected they didn't disappoint and have clearly improved through their experience in the studio and playing out live. Mixes such as these represent what they sound like when performing at a show, using a plethora of MIDI controllers, laptops, MC's and visuals. Quite a setup but it importantly results in a unique live dynamism that really is something to behold. Promoters, do yourself a favour and book 'em before they get too expensive!

Check out this interview with them by Nottingham's Left Lion magazine.

My part of the show's track list:-
Kabuki ft. Jenna G - Rock This Style - Creative Source  
Donnie Dubson - Rolling Home - Have A Break  
Utah Jazz - Split Level - Spearhead  
Random Movement - The Student - Westbay  
Context - Sleep Paralysis - Camino Blue  
Implex - Kin Dza Dza - Kinematic  
Zero T, Icicle - Go 4 Yours feat. Steo - CIA   
L.A.O.S - Harmony - Future Retro  
Killin Time - Lifeline - ???

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