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Wednesday 4 June 2008

DS110: 11 Hundred

I was chuffed this week with the live show, getting over 11 hundred listeners tuning in to me mixing live - it is quite a thrill! Considering I started off at around 600 or so a few years back I think I have done okay developing that formerly graveyard timeslot. It is almost matching peak time figures! A huge shout must go out to Overfiend and Jesse G for the sound engineering they have brought to the live radio show output over the last few weeks. In fact the new Bassdrive management is prooving to be not only proactive but passionate about improving the station all the time. Mixed and broadcast live on Bassdrive - 03 February 2008. A-Sides - Lustrous - Spearhead Young Ax - Bright Nite - Santorin Atlantic Connection - Promise - Fokuz Bachelors of Science - Hold On (feat Redeyes) - Horizons Donnie Dubson - Summer Came - Phunkfiction Break - Timeline - Critical Mathematics - Dirt Devil - Nu Directions Nu:Tone feat. Natalie Williams - System (Matrix and Futurebound remix) - Hospital The Insiders - Renaissance - Nu Directions Lenzman - Caught Up (Nu:Tone remix) - Spearhead High Contrast - Everything's Different (Calibre remix) - Hospital Zero Tolerance, Mentality - No Words - Westbay Commix - Broken Man - DNBA Beta 2 - Trojan - Bassbin Davide Carbone, Solar G - Sexual Healing - BS1 Dub

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