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Friday 18 April 2008

DS118: Brotherly love

This week Logistics gets some harmonic help from his elder brother's new album 'Medial History 4'. Both brothers' tunes display a distictly contrasting approach musically but also show how adept they are at arrangements and sound engineering in the studio. The other point to make about these two is their their tracks tend to have a very strong sense of key, which makes harmonic mixing even more pleasurable for the DJ and the listener. For those of you interested in the harmonic mixing aspect, the first brotherly combination below was in F minor. The second combo later in the mix a perfect fifth away in C minor. Performed and recorded live, 6th April 2008 - no voice over, no normalisation for lots of headroom.

Culture Shock, Brookes Brothers - Smoothie - RAM  
Deep Inc. - Accord - Renegade  
Logistics - Reality Checkpoint - Hospital  
>>> Nu:Tone - Soul Flower - Hospital  
Contour - In Your Eyes - BIOS  
Soulgrifter - Believe me it's true - from  
Kjell - Healing Process - Santorin 2000  
Redeyes - The Hustle - Trouble on Vinyl 
ICR - Heartbroken - Vibez  
Naibu - It Took A Long Time - Creative Source  
>>> Alert - Pariah - Dope  
Spyhop - Domino (Man In A Room Remix) - Queep Organic House  
Lynx, Malibu - Mariachi - Creative Source  
Random Movement - The Things You Do - Innerground  
PH - Take Me Home - Liquid Brilliants  
Basic Operations - Sold Hold - Nu Directions  
Stakka, Skynet, Friction - Altitude (Break Remix) - Shogun Audio  
Survival - Inside Vibes - Vibez  
Logistics - Continuum - Hospital  
Nu:Tone - Mind On The Run - Hospital  
>>> Morebeat - Easy Rider - Intersection

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