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Sunday 18 May 2008

DS123: 3 sharp keys

I've listened to this live recording I made on Sunday morning a few times now and am really pleased with it. I decided this week to air it instead of performing and recording the set during the show. Here's why I like it - I tried to concentrate on the phrase timings and key change undulations that add to the feeling of flow and progression. It is in a key signature range of 3 to 5 sharps with single +/- # note step changes (C#m, G#m and F#m). Another strange but quite interesting feature is that for the crescendo of the mix at about 26+ mins in, the key goes up a fifth to G#m (5 sharps!) (for Drum Origins - Hypercomplex, who's natural key is Gm without realtime time-stretching)) Anyway, technical stuff aside, it seems to work for me...hope you enjoy too :) Big up all the below beatsmiths! Lynx - Whistlestop - Brand Nu L.A.O.S - We All - Spearhead Martsman - 8 Bit Bouncer - Medschool Falcon - Retro - Citrus Gamet - Joker - Unsigned BCee, Lomax - Can't Say No (Lenzman Remix) - Spearhead >>> Sconeboy - Golden (Re-Lick for DOA) - Dub Logistics - Dreamer Of Dreams - Hospital Kubiks, Lomax - Spirit Filled - Phunkfiction Drum Origins - Hypercomplex - Fokuz Jonny L - Oh Yeah - Mr. L >>> L.A.O.S - Harmony - Future Retro Muffler - Everything - Spearhead Intersidereal - Disturbed Balance - Red Mist >>> The Insiders - Renaissance - Nu Directions Beta 2 - Trojan - Bassbin Basic Operations - Southern Lights - Renegade Naibu - It Took A Long Time - Creative Source Big Bud - Just Can't Hold Me Down (Atlantic Connection Remix) - Soundtrax Funky Technicians - Backdraft - CIA >>> Calibre - Lectro - Signature

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