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Friday 18 April 2008

DS120: Snap Entropy

Look out for me playing live next month (May 10th) in Nottingham alongside Kubiks and Lomax courtesy of CULT. I'm kinda nervous about it but excited too. Hopefully some of you can make it down to point and laugh when it all goes horribly wrong! ;) As usual, this week's mix was mixed and broadcast live on Bassdrive. Enjoy!

Lynx - Randy - Soul:r  
Logistics - Lullaby - Hospital  
Muffler - Waves Breaking - Hospital  
Futurebound, Matrix - American Beauty - Viper  
Donnie Dubson - Rolling Home - Have A Break 
Naibu - It Took A Long Time - Creative Source 
Icicle - Strange fruit - Soul:r  
Calibre - Lectro - Signature  
L-plus - Middle East Sun - Viper  
Naibu - KTX - Fokuz  
SpectraSoul - Adoration - Nu Directions  
Ben Sage - Nervous Climate - see iTunes 
L.A.O.S. - Fascinated - Spearhead 
Subsenix - Fiendin (feat. Savvy) - see iTunes 
Logistics - Waiting Line - Hospital  
Kubiks, Lomax - Vegas Remix - Phunkfiction  
D-Bridge Vs Survival - Mainline - Exit  
BHX - Either Way - Solé Digital  
Calibre - Why Time - Signature


  1. where do you buy your tracks from?

  2. Hi - Nowadays, mostly from these four online mp3 shops but I check on other sites regularly too:-,, and

  3. Roc, when I click on the link to this week's feed, I get DS118.

  4. Oops! Link now fixed :)