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Tuesday 18 March 2008

DS114: I see Stripes

Thanks to all that commented about the different mastering and encoding used last week. After listening quite a a few times myself, I agree with what has been said and think the new processing may have advantages for live broadcast but for the purposes of these archives, my way is preferred.

So, with that in mind, we are back to the 192 kbps Sony Sound Forge normalised archives. This weeks set starts with a bang in D minor and includes some techier numbers, as some of you seemed to like the fact that I used to mix up the DnB sub-genres more. Do you agree?

Thanks again for your feedback and comments it really helps me to mould future shows. Please iTunes subscribers, don't foget you can also interect with me on my homepage at in addition to commenting on this feed directly here.

>>> John B - Red Sky feat. Shaz Sparks - Beta  
>>> Panda - Quebec - Wildlife  
Pyro, Jesta - Cho (Malsum Remix) - Nerve  
Subtone - Blue Screen - Syndrome Audio  
Telmo A - All By Myself - Santorin  
Subsonik - Communicate - Cymbalism  
Gridlok - Skanka - RAM  
Lynx - Distance Zero - Deep Soul Music  
Nu:Tone - Angel Eyes - Hospital  
Icicle - Lost Hours - Critical  
Georgie - Itsatoon (Kubatko Remix) - Beyond Belief  
Dom, Ryme Tyme - Syndrome - Saigon  
Maztek - Music Machine - Modulate  
Ryme Tyme - We Enter (Optical Remix Instrumental v.20) - No U-Turn  
Panda - Monkey Island - Wildlife  
Soul Intent - Jus Vibe - Blindside

1 comment:

  1. Roc, just a quick word to complement you on your professionalism, the smoothness and seamlessness of your mixes, and the eclecticism you employ in putting together your lists.

    I know that I'm always going to hear a drop or two that both surprise and delight me when I catch your show, which I do every week.

    Keep it up!