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Tuesday 18 March 2008

DS113: Redux

This weeks archive file is the one saved directly on the Bassdrive server. Although it is only 128kbps, it is processed through a multi-band compressor with other dynamic enhancements made by Jesse G and Overfiend - the one I mentioned a few weeks back. To me it gives the whole mix a more even volume and adds presence but is quite heavily compressed. I'm still in two minds as to wether I use this or continue creating my own 192kbps archives derived from the normalised Traktor wav recording. Which do you prefer? Please let me know by commenting to this post (click through the post title). Oh, enjoy the mix! :)

Lynx - Envy (feat. Malibu Rhodes) - Sonorous  
Bungle - Good Times - Liq-Weed Ganja 
SpectraSoul - Tender Doubt - Celsius  
Brother - Second Time Round - Fokuz  
Soulgrifter - Believe me it's true - from  
Lynx - Shame On You - Sonorous  
Basic Operations - 4th Street Sound Click (Kubiks, Lomax Remix) - Phunkfiction  
BCee, Lomax - Changing Faces - Fokuz  
Electrosoul System - Purple Sky (Lomax Remix) - Nu Directions  
Autumn - Cut Away - Celsius  
BCee, Lomax - Unbreakable Vs Help You VIP - Intrinsic  
Telmo A - U Need My Love - Have A Break  
>>> Matrix, Futurebound - The Edge (feat. Sylo) - Viper  
John B - Mr. Freud - Beta  
Random Movement - She Don't Get It - Nu Directions  
The Architex - Altitude - Basement


  1. Great mix as ever; but the lack of quality of the encoding really leapt out at me. The high-end on the first track especially had traces of the "janglies" associated with lower rate mp3s. It's still totally listenable-to, but I would prefer the higher bitrate streams.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Zooming from 112 to 113, the latter sounds hollower, deader, depressing.

    sorry. I'm pretty sure it's not the choice of tunes.

  3. alright roc

    Love the mixes and listen to them every week man. Loving the chilled vibes but also really love the slightly darker, deeper rollier tunes you have on sometimes...
    The 128kbs file sounds fine to me mate, up to you though...


  4. Cheers Byron! Yes I must admit you are not the first to suggest this actually. Many of my earlier shows combined soulful vibes with a slightly darker, techier selection - to good effect perhaps because there appears to be a demand to revisit this style! I'll see what I can do. Thanks for your comment! ;)