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Tuesday 9 June 2020

Mix DS192

Hey all, I realise these mixes are rarer than hen's teeth these days but I'm reluctant to publish stuff I'm not completely happy with. Thing is, I'd never put anything out these ddays if I let that stop me...

Oh and I've uploaded a load of historic mixes with playlists as part of my change in file hosting so have a browse by year through the archives or do a search for your favourite tracks in the sidebar. More to come!

Stay safe,

LSB, DRS - Could Be - Footnotes
Anastasia, GLXY - It's Not Love Ft. Anastasia - Shogun Audio
Kasra - Focus On The Love - Critical Music
Futurebound, Trei - Stars Will Fall - UKF
Carlito & Addiction - Funk That - V Recordings
Kodan & Dproduct - Funk Me - Full Cycle
Halogenix - Blej (Fade Black Remix) - Critical Music
Chino - Riptide
Danny Wheeler - On Love - Liquid V
Paul SG - The Change (Malaky Remix) - Jazzsticks Recordings
Submorphics - Memories of You - The North Quarter
Grafix - Blue Dreams - Hospital Records
Dawn Wall - Take Control - Ekho
Logistics - Chant - Hospital Records
Banzulu - Gulfstream - None60
Kove - The Music 
Koven - Give you Up - Monstercat
Ulterior Motive, Judda - The Ripper - Guidance (UK)
Ricky Force - Make It Right (Dead Man's Chest Raw 94 Remix) - Repertoire
Sub Focus, feat. Alpines - Tidal Wave - Mercury UK
--Can't remember this one's title but it's quite technoey--
Need For Mirrors - Arp Tune - RAM Records
Brookes Brothers - So Many Times (Blaine Stranger remix) - Viper Recordings
Advisory - Revival - Offworld Recordings
Blaine Stranger - Arms Of Mine - Viper Recordings
Calibre - No One Gets You - Signature 
Matrix, Raphaella - Hold On - UKF
Matrix & Futurebound - Follow Me feat. Ayak (Blacklab Remix) - Viper Recordings


  1. Thanks for maintaining this site. I for one enjoy these works of art.

  2. I have been a fan of yours from the beginning Roc, I used to have all of your old stuff from the very first episode on iTunes, but unfortunately my PC gave up and the hard drive is toast. I am glad you're still making mixing, truly work of art my friend. You are a true legend in my book. DJ El Zero