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Monday 7 April 2014

Mix DS186

Yo! Digital Soundboarders - it's been a while since I shared a mix so if sub-woofers could wince I hope yours would be right about now...

You can expect a soulful but heavy live harmonic mix recording over 3 decks, including some of my favourite DnB of 2014 so far.

Oliver Ferrer - Round And Round 
DJ Chap - Inna Streets (L-Side Remix) 
Random Movement, Ben Soundscape - Many Things (The Insiders Remix) 
Critycal Dub - Could Feel  
Loadstar - Need You (Frankee Remix) 
DJ Chap - Let Me Love You (Random Movement Remix) 
Blok One, Mukiyare - Lost & Found (Mukiyare DnB Remix) 
Laura Steel, The Freestylers - Falling feat. Laura Steel (Wickaman Remix) 
Midnight Request - Come Home 
Intelligent Manners - Sweet Promise 
Simplification - 20 Seconds 
Command Strange - Free Your Soul (Simplification Remix) 
Metrik - Out of the Fire  
Total Science, Grimm - Another Time 
Wilkinson, Detour City - Too Close VIP  
Bank - Soul Cycle 
Michael Woods, Ester Dean - We've Only Just Begun (Calyx & TeeBee Remix) 
Andyskopes - True Human Emotion
Anile - Custom Dancer
DJ Chap - Fear (Unreal Remix) 
Intelligent Manners - On The Dancefloor 


  1. Nice! Been looking forward to a new mix.

    Where did:
    Noisia, The Upbeats - Little Fling
    go? It's in the ID3v2 tag but not in the tracklist here.

  2. Eagle eye NB! :) Dont think I played it in the end. It didnt quite sit in the mix properly if I recall...enjoy!