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Monday 17 June 2013

Mix DS182

S.P.Y One Last Quest
Shuwa Stars And Planets
Command Strange Free Your Soul (Simplification Remix)
Random Movement She Had Better Days
Loadstar Distance
Nu:Logic Start Again feat. S.P.Y
Calibre Close To Me
Technimatic Not Far to Go
Total Science Going in Circles (Break Remix)
Calibre Key Flix
Flame Be With You (Simplification Remix)
Physical Illusion Apple Juice
Soni Piano Anthem feat. Diane Charlemagne
Brookes Brothers Hard Knocks
NZ Shapeshifter Gravity
Trei Backburner
Rene Lavice So Inspired To Fail
Total Science, Kevin King, S.P.Y Past Lives (Lenzman Remix)
Metrik Out of the Fire
Loadstar Be There
Calibre Start Again feat. Chimpo



  1. Another great Mix. Last two have been really good Rich. Also great to see Gravity in there. Brought the album (got to support my Kiwi brothers) however was not impressed with the other tracks.

  2. Cheers Paul! Agreed, I think Gravity was the only track I bought from the album. Stood out a mile from the others. Someday I would love to visit NZ and sample the pretty established d&b scene over there :)

  3. Nice mix!

    I went to a NZ Shapeshifter concert a few years ago. Was a bit put off by the religiosity of the boys, but they have a couple of good songs in their repertoire nonetheless.

    The NZ d&b scene looks awesome from here. I'm a big fan of State Of Mind. Went to a show where they performed here in Europe last year but sadly it was a DJ set with way too little of their own stuff in it.