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Monday 20 May 2013

Mix DS181

4EVEREST - Journey Within (Utah Jazz Remix) - Such Music 
Alix Perez, Sam Wills - Annie's Song Feat. Sam Wills (Spy) - Shogun Audio 
DJ Marky, Makoto - Bloody Mary - Innerground 
Command Strange - Time Shift - Fokuz Recordings 
Metrik - Distant Shores - Hospital Records 
Malaky - Forgotten Times - Celsius Recordings 
Trei, MC Tali - Homecoming feat. MC Tali - SOM Music 
Ji Ben Gong, Kalum - Play With Your Heart - Liquid Tones 
Donnie Dubson - Too Late For A Change - Fokuz Recordings 
DJ Chap, Andrezz - So Many Days - Liquid V 
MSDOS - High Hills - Liquid Drops 
Lenzman - Empty Promise - Metalheadz 
ChartStalker - So Confused - Fokuz Recordings 
Skitty - You Make Me Hurt You - Eastern Pressure 
Command Strange - Floor Shaker - Dark Manoeuvres 
Trei - Misfits - SOM Music 
Seba - Nightrider - Nu Directions 
Random Movement - Down Somehow - Innerground 
Dynamic - Highway Patrol feat. MSDOS - Goodlooking Records 
Enea - You Know It - Fokuz Recordings 
Command Strange, Malaky - Regrets - Horizons Music 
MSDOS - Countenance (Impact) - Liquid Drops 
Soul Intent - Come With Me - Celsius Recordings 
Rene Lavice - Regrets - RAM 
MSDOS - Chords For The Unknown - Rotation Deep UK

Cover Art: David Ashton


  1. Nice mix with some great tunes! I noticed a few artifacts, were those yours or iTunes'?

  2. Thanks NB...not sure what the artifacts could be but hopefully they will not reoccur. My 'inner critic' thinks this mix has it's moments but is not one of my best...say compared to the previous one. It still contains some amazing tunes but doesn't flow in the way I would have liked. Thanks for listening and for the precious feedback! :)

  3. Hey Rich - Just wanted to let you know that this is by far my fav mix this year. Awesome stuff mate. As a non-DJ perhaps I'm not seeing why you were not happy with it but the song selection is right on.