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Friday 22 March 2013

Mix DS180: One Eighty

I classify all my songs in many ways to help me compose a mix. One way you will be familiar with if you are a frequent Digital Soundboard visitor is that I figure out the musical key or keys being used in them to help me mix harmonically. Another is to award each track 1-5 stars so I can quickly find my favourites.

"Why are you telling us this" I hear you cry. Well, this month's mix contains almost exclusively 5 star tracks built around a tonal centre of D#minor. I have curated these from new releases since the Christmas break. Hopefully this will go some way to make up for the lack of content published recently.

Special thanks for the stellar artwork to the Ashtonian Institute for Typography and Graphic Design - helping me celebrate this nice round number of mix releases - ONE EIGHTY! ;-)

Pennygiles - Rhodes Adrift (Random Movement Remix) - Inform 
LSB - The Hurting - Spearhead
Ra, Rewind, Jah nation - Soul Survivor - Infrared 
Key, Naibu - Just Like You - Horizons 
Seba - Nightrider (Technicolour, Komatic Remix) - Nu Directions
Dave Owen - Infinite Mischief - ? 
Enei, Georgia Yates - Runnin feat. Georgia Yates - Critical 
Break - Love so True - Symmetry 
Eastcolors - Watch Out - Symmetry 
Spirit, Digital Backlash - Phantom Audio
Seba - Too Much Too Soon - Secret Operations
Bank - Soul Cycle - Soul Deep 
Tokyo Prose - Raised By Wolves - Samurai 
Command Strange Rock Steady - Fokuz 
>> Brookes Brothers, Haz-Mat - Loveline - UKF


  1. Thanks for the new mix. I've missed hearing from you as you always bring it.

  2. I fucking love you no matter the rate of mixes that come out. Hands down my favorite source for drum and bass

    - A human from New York

  3. Nice one A human...I fucking love you too. Big up my NY listeners. Please feel free to share the link on your networks! :)

  4. Thanks MLH. I aim to please/bring it.

  5. Well that didn't nearly last long enough. :-)

    Great to see a new mix, though - keep up the good work!

  6. Top notch as usual, keep it up Roc. LET'S DO DISHH!

  7. Still looping this one R Kid. Top draw mix fella.