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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Mix DS178: Muton Rush

Get a load of this mix, recorded last week while I was off work  trying to save the planet from alien invasion (and failing) on Xcom. Thanks to the Mutons for killing all my best officers. At least I had some tunes to listen to while I was getting my ass handed to me by these...I'll be ready for them next time!

Lenzman, Ulterior Motive - Catharsis
Intelligent Manners - All By Myself
DJ Chap - Black Candles
A.I., Command Strange - Broken Ground
Blade - McNally's Theme
Physics - Take No Shit
Silent Dust - 1959 (Calibre Remix)
Dynamic - Tokyo Blur
Soul Intent - Sax Me
Light Of Night - Graceful
MSDOS - Aperture
DJ Linky, Skyeyes - Madonna feat. Skyeyes
Eveson, Sam Kdc - Retrospections (feat. Sam KDC)
Brookes Brothers - The Big Blue
Command Strange - Dreams
MOS - Last Moment
Intelligent Manners - Lose You


  1. Hi Roc! I was all ready to point and laugh at you for having way too soft music while playing FPS games and hurting your score with it, but then I actually listened to it. Great set, impressed as always!

  2. LOL NB Cheers. Always try and keep my listener on their toes including loyal regulars such as yourself...just when you think you know what to expect, switch it but keep it harmonically sound! :-)

    New mix coming soon!