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Friday 28 September 2012

Mix DS177: Riven

We love harmoneeeeeeeeee!

B4sstee - My Way
Hazuki, Prismare - I Know You
Donnie Dubson - Transition
Intelligent Manners, Command Strange - Hangin' On
SKC - Conquest
Command Strange - Summer Time
Ray Keith - Unforgivable
Malsum, Krone - Nexus 6
Chris SU - First Snow
MSDOS - Aperture
Hazuki - Loves The Sunshine
Donnie Dubson - Assemble
Intelligent Manners - Lose You
Ray Keith - Monster
Beaton - Calling All Dancers
Intelligent Manners - All I Do
Caine, Paul SG - Memphis Blues


  1. Great mix, Roc! Very balanced, all the way through.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to feedback NB. Excited about the next one coming at the weekend; if not before.