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Tuesday 29 May 2012

Mix DS175: Timestretcha

Invoking my prerogative as a dnb DJ I ask for your understanding regarding the gratuitous misspelling of the title to this mix - just couldn't help myself...

Nevertheless, time stretching is an important capability digital DJs have that enables the adjustment of the musical key (pitch) of tracks in the live mix without having to change tempo. Without it there can be many fewer harmonic mix possibilities between tunes. The even geekier of you might like to know time stretching in Traktor is provided by a high quality phase vocoder (Cher's favourite instrument!).

Also, apologies for the lack of mixes being published over the last couple of months. I've been so insanely busy...must remember to work to live and not the other way around! :)

Aaanyway, let me know what tracks you are feeling and stuff.

Submotion Orchestra - It's Not Me It's You (Alix Perez Remix)
Command Strange - Pleasure
MSDOS - We Only Live Once
Paul SG - Night At Spotlite
E-Z Rollers, Tali - Lets Give In
Dynamic, MSDOS - Chinatown Blue
Dynamic - Makes My Heart Feel
Sub Focus - Out The Blue (Club Mix)
>> L-Side - Gimme Your Money (Level 2 Remix)
BCee - Keep The Faith feat. Robert Owens (Seba Remix)
Nu-Direction - Regenium
DJ SS, Greenlaw - Soundboy feat. DJ SS
Big Bud - White Widow (LJ High Remix)
Level 2  - Assault
Concord Dawn, Trei - Waiting For Never
Ill Skillz - Live Forever 
>> Intelligent Manners, Command Strange - Groover


  1. YUUUSSS! Been waiting for this. Nice one Rich!

  2. Brb. Going to listen to this at very loud volume.

    A really well done mix! Loving the slow buildup in the first half and the few big rollers in the middle, with a solid landing at the end.

  3. Is this the last one Rich?? If so I'll miss these sweet little mixes

  4. That's kind of you Paul but I sincerely doubt it, more like I've been procrastinating. However, this is partly due to me getting used to a new setup which includes a brand new Traktor Kontrol S2.

    I have been setting up my mappings and getting used to Traktor Pro 2 software, which is also new to me having being languishing on Traktor Pro 1 for years. Some really nice new features one of which is the new spectrum waveform, which allows me to better see the tonality of the wave before it plays (Serato has had this for a while).

    Looking forward to getting something recorded very soon so you can hear how it's going :)

  5. Fantastic! Looking forward to it :)