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Tuesday 20 March 2012

Mix DS174: Fiendin

Slightly shorter session than usual this month but hopefully just that little bit sweeter for it...hope you enjoy anyway :-)

MSDOS - Wisdom
Soultec, MSDOS - Where's The Brass
The Thomas Oliver Band - Baby I'll Play
Concord Dawn, Trei - Waiting For Never
Unknown Artist - Just Be In Love
Commix - MFSB
Frederic Robinson - Laughing At Clouds
Command Strange - Love Beam
Matrix, Chords - Hypnotize
K-Tee - Hypnotize Me
Break - Trying
Logistics - Fibreglass
Static, MSDOS - Northwinds
MSDOS - Chords & Jazz
Joe Nebula feat. Patricia Edwards - Dreaming For Others


  1. This just made my day. Nice to see the regular updates as well. Nice one Rich. FYI, listening to a few of the old ones of late. Damm 129 was a cracking mix. Amazing tunes back then.

  2. Haha wicked... Nice one for 129 - that was back in my radio days. Some of the harmonic mixes in it are a bit dodgy but I feel I've much improved my 'musical ear' and general technique a lot since then. Glad you like the selection in it.

    Coincidentally, a Concord Dawn tune featured in 129 too, as well as a track called "Fiendin" by Subsenix...:)

  3. Rich, this mix is excellent. IMO, the best one this year. I love concord dawn but then again I'm from New Zealand.

  4. Excellent mix!

    Apropos of nothing, I recently realised that I have over eight gigs of Digital Soundboard mixes in iTunes.

    And speaking of NZ bands: I quite like State of Mind, but they don't really have that Rocdollar vibe to them. Would love to be proven wrong though... ;-)

  5. That's good to hear NB - my aim is to make mixes you feel are worth having archives of rather than disposable like so many others are. This is what inspired me to learn the theory and develop my harmonic mixing skills in the first create a type of mix I just couldn't find anywhere else.

    I do like State Of Mind and enjoy including their music. If you do a search using the box in the page header you should find 'em. Big up NZ for feeling the dnb!