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Thursday 13 October 2011

Mix DS170: Soul mate

It's been a while due to heavy work life demands so thanks for your patience. Lots of sweet goodies in this mix to keep us rolling through October. Let me know if you're feeling it!

Calibre - Mirage
Kasper - Every Sunrise
MSDOS - Broken Arrow
DJ Clart - El Escorpion Estilo
MSDOS - San Francisco Cable Car
Integration Now - Flow
DJ Marky, S.P.Y. - Mystic Sunset
MC Conrad, Makoto - Golden Girl
Dub Tao - East Of Underground (Bungle Remix)
The Square, Blue Motion - You Dont Need Me feat. MSDOS (Zoom Remix)
Bungle - Tears
BMK - Jazz Tone (Qumulus Roll A Phat One Remix)
Level 2 - Days Of Rain
MSDOS - Sweet Memories
Ill Skillz, DubFX - Face The Music feat. DubFX
Concord Dawn - Hindsight feat. Nina McSweeney
Culture Shock - Protection
Turtled - Pseudo Blues
Bungle - Blue


  1. Woo Hoo! thanks for posting - i've haven't listened yet( thats how happy i am!), i've been checking everyday for the last week. Also very happy to see Golden Girl by Makoto one of my favourite dnb tracks, thanks! Going to have a listen now ...

  2. Gotta fucking love Calibre... Thanks fella... See you soon.

  3. topps! been listening to you mixes since 2008 , keep up the good work! RESPECT

  4. Awesome! Been waiting for this!

  5. Big up listeners/y'all, respect! Thanks for the comments. 178 bpm in the house

  6. Yes ! Excellent mix! Good work again Roc ! So many good tunes

  7. Good mix! 178 is my favourite bpm. :-)

    (Though hearing Dub FX start right into a female vocalist was strange, given his history of human beatboxing.)

  8. I really like the way Hindsight slams into the mix over Face The Music. In fact, Face The Music only really got in this mix to facilitate the two tracks surrounding it.

    I recorded a new mix this weekend and am excited for you to listen! Will upload this evening when I get home from work.