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Monday 15 August 2011

Mix DS169: Thermosphere

Keeping the beats rolling through what has been a riotous August...Rest assured kind patron, the only thing I'll be smashing and grabbing anytime soon will be your eardrums and heart respectively.

Big Bud - Blues For Zoran
MSDOS - By Cough
Turtled -  Tropico
Level 2 -  Ghetto Sounds
Pappa G - She Knew
Komatic - Now Shes Free
The Planty Herbs - Output
DJ Marky, Makoto -  Secret Place (Random Movement Remix)
Intelligent Manners - I Hope U Do
Jonny L  - 1 n 2
The Square  - Motion
MSDOS - Debacle
Command Strange - Bingo
Atlantic Connection - Everything Changes
Command Strange - Emotions
Paul SG -Tears Not Drying
MSDOS - Jazz Fantasies
Disaszt - We Rise feat. Shimon
Matrix, Futurebound  - Biology
Intelligent Manners  - Like Cat & Mouse


  1. Greetings from Finland. I started about two years ago listen to your mixes and I can say you do not ever let me down! Keep up the good work! =)

    ps. David says hi =)

  2. Another great mix, this time more chilled which was nice. Keep up the good work Richard.

  3. Thanks both, you're good eggs!

    Been so busy at work not really had much free time to mix so had to do this with perhaps not as much prep/auditioning as I usually apply. Hope it's ok!

  4. There are many of us waiting patiently for your next mix. I know life leads us onto to other things, but your mixes have been a monthly (for the most part) treat for the past few years...bring it. When's the next one?