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Saturday 9 July 2011

Mix DS168: Primal

Inspiration for this one came from my new Kef KUBE 2 subwoofer and a reinvigorated interest in one of my favourite cartoons from the 80's, Thundercats. I want my hair like Lion-O's...

The new sub really does make all the difference when listening to this genre of music. It opens up a whole new layer of sound that otherwise gets missed, even on decent full-range speakers or headphones. My neighbours are probably a little less enthusiastic, I'm sure...

Madday - Apricot Paradise (Deep Focus Remix) 
Big Bud - Lady Sing The Blues 
dRamatic, dbAudio - Subtle Shaking 
Ill Skillz, DubFX - Face The Music feat. DubFX 
Division - Stand By 
Turtled - Tropico 
Intelligent Manners, Command Strange - Groover 
Nookie - Sunset Over Sopot 
DV8 - The Criminal 
Ill Skillz - Hands Up 
Disaszt - Transference feat. Chris Su 
DJ Origin - Breaking Heartz 
Kator - Ebula 
Atlantic Connection - True Love 
Kung - Fixation 
Implex, Enei - Constellation


  1. Wicked! Love the track choice with some nice vocals and the super-smooth mixing.

    This is drum'n'bass at its best.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment NB, much appreciated as always. Makes it worth me sharing them!

  3. Definitely a great mix. Lots of good tracks, many interesting ones. Makes me keep coming back and listening!

  4. Hey Mate,

    Realized I not commented fella sorry for the delay... Have to agree with the above "Makes me keep coming back and listening!"

    Real easy listening...