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Sunday 21 March 2010

Mix DS153: Titration

It's the 3rd Sunday of the month which means it's new Digital Soundboard time. This month's mix features prime extracts from forthcoming LP 'Standard Gravity' on Miami-based label Urban Chemistry. Look out for this dropping on all formats in your favourite stores in April.

I have named this mix as a tribute to Urban Chemistry. Chemistry was never something I excelled at at school (I much preferred biology, in which I am a Bachelor of Science) but I remember doing countless experiments called titrations using long glass measuring things called burettes. Thrilling eh?

Anyway, big up to all the people contributing to this (fairly new) label's emerging sound.

  1. Dub Tao - East Of Underground (Bungle Remix) - Hard Edged
  2. Soni - Piano Anthem feat. Diane Charlemagne - Hospital
  3. Vahn - Never Enough (Q-Bik Remix) - Urban Sickness
  4. Bachelors Of Science - The Rush - Horizons
  5. D-Bridge - The Question - Exit
  6. Broken Drum - I - Urban Chemistry
  7. Command Strange - Goa - Golden Orb
  8. Sato - Scorched - Future Thinkin
  9. Camo, Krooked - Time Is Ticking Away feat. Shaz Sparks - Beta
  10. Muffler - Falling 2009 - Big Riddim
  11. Pacific - Another Place - Explicit
  12. Fusion - The Girls on Genesee - Urban Chemistry
  13. Sonic - In The Vortex - Hospital
  14. Bachelors Of Science - Have You Ever Tried - Horizons
  15. PK, Foniqz - Celtic - Urban Chemistry
  16. S.P.Y. - The Bug - Spearhead
  17. Camo, Krooked - Mindset - Beta
  18. Randomer - Synth Geek - Hospital
  19. Synkro - Departure - Medschool



  2. My favorite mix of yours yet! Halfway through now, on Time Is Ticking Away, what a flippin beautiful track!

  3. Nice one Chad! I agree it's a very strong notch production (and presumably mastering from Heathmans studio in London). Same applies to the other track on that release by Camo and Krooked entitled 'Mindset' later in the mix.