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Tuesday 19 January 2010

Mix DS151: Bassic Instinct

Trisector - Trace Of A Smile - Medschool
dRamatic, dbAudio - Cored - Hustle Audio
Command Strange - Agaom - Fokuz
Alix Perez, Zero T - Threads - CIA
Netsky - I Refuse - Spearhead
SpectraSoul - Guardian - Metalheadz
Bcee - Come Home - Spearhead
Komatic - Apprehension - Unsigned
Brother - Dig Deep - Fokuz
Redeyes - Brothers - Future Retro
Vahn - Never Enough (Q-Bik Remix) - Urban Sickness
Break - Late Drop - Critical
XRS Land - Scarlet - Tupy
Enea - Ramblas (Mow Remix) - Have A Break
Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down - Breakbeat Kaos
Kali - Tokyo (BCee, Lomax Remix) - Outta London
Sub Focus - Splash - RAM
Advisory, Scenic - Afterglow - Urban Chemistry
CLS - With no light to guide my way - Critical


  1. Updated the playlist as it seems Beatport got the label wrong for Cored (or whoever uploaded it!).

    Big up to Strike for pointing out the error and to dRamatic and dbAudio - both from the same fair city as me, Nottingham.

    Hope you are all enjoying the mix.

  2. Hi Roc!

    Let me begin with saying that the mix you did in DS148 from Sub Focus - Splash into Muffler - Falling 2009 was probably the best ten minutes of music I've ever heard.

    Having said that, DS151 overall is more enjoyable: I can't quite put my finger on it but I think because it is paced better. In 148, at the 30 minute mark my feelings were "Is this thing over yet?" because the energy level of the mix had come down a lot, whereas 151 just keeps on going at close to the same level all the way to (almost) the end.

    Thanks for continuing to post mixes, I appreciate it a lot!

  3. One more thing, and feel free to delete (or not approve) this comment if it's too personal a question, but are you having relationship problems? The vocals in tracks in this and a few preceding mixes have all been about heartbreak and "Come back to me baby pls"...

  4. Excellent mix Roc, this is the style of music that drew me to DnB in the first place. My only complaint is that you don't post more mixes :)

    Chad P
    Mixed In Key