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Monday 16 November 2009

Mix DS149: Let's do dis!

Apologies to any of you that tuned into Bassdrive yesterday to listen to the show live. For some unknown reason, my stream was coming through too fast so had to be cut off. All is not lost though - I recorded the set for your exclusive listening pleasure. Please check it out and let me know what you think, I missed having direct feedback from the Bassdrive chat room.

This month's episode is named after the iconic sound-byte from Modern Warfare 2, read by Craig Fairbrass of EastEnders fame, playing alpha male cockney SAS sergeant Gaz... MW2 as it's annoyingly abbreviated is the sequel to a highly over-rated first person shooter with silly pink sniper rifles, indesctructable scenery and a well above average share of what sounds like, screeching chimps.

Having played it over the weekend, it seems the same game as before with a few extra bells 'n' whistles. Extra bells in more ways than one. This game sold 7 million copies on its first day...very clever marketing and I've got a feeling we'll see Craig and co. in an associated movie spin-off soon...without Bianca this time.

"Sorry Bianca, let's NOT do dis...your breasts are waaay too low"

Kubiks, Lomax - Miracle World - Phunkfiction
Metrik - Forward Approach - Viper
Blame - Skyline - 720 Degrees
Muffler - The Moment - Big Riddim
Triad - Fiasco - Deep Soul Music
Moby - One Time We Lived (Matrix, Futurebound Remix) - DNBA
Sub Focus - Splash - RAM
XRS - Bravin - Bulldozer
Komatic - Now Shes Free - ???
Breakage - Cooper - Critical
State Of Mind - Floor 14 (Bungle Remix) - Syntax Audio
Peyo - U Can Make It - Vandal
KG - Lucky 17 - Allsorts
ICR, Soulproof - One In A Million (Remix) - Strictly Digital
Bcee - Glitterballs (Redeyes, Lenzman Remix) - Spearhead
Drumagick - Full Energy - Nu Labels
Stanza and Grimm - By My Side - Influenza Media
Undersound - Happy Go Lucky - Point 9 Audio
Command Strange - Free Your Soul - All Street Recordings


  1. GOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!
    saint petersburg

  2. Heck yeah Roc, this is an awesome mix :)

  3. Good good stuff. Been listening to these mixes for years and they keep getting better.

  4. Thank you! I rely mostly on word of mouth for new subscribers so please let anyone else know about this feed that may be interested.

  5. Your sets are too cool man - keep up the great work :-D

  6. Thanks! This one hasn't been off my mp3 player for weeks...

    Sorry to any that have tried to comment over the last few days, it stopped working without me realising until just now. Needless to say it's now fixed!

  7. Thank you very much for making these sets available to listen to and download. Great mixing, great musical taste. Big up!

  8. Ah thanks Roman...your comment cheered me up! The technical problems I describe in this post seemed to have been the last nail in the coffin of the radio show - Sadly, I got a kindly wirtten but essentially "you're fired" email on Wednesday. I'll explain more in my next post at the weekend, in which I'll also post my new mix.