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Sunday 8 February 2009

Mix DS140: Transmutation

I have really enjoyed the recent celebrations of the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth. It is truly staggering what evolution can produce if given long enough. Many of the evolutionary principles such as adaptation, mutation and natural selection apply not only to species but to cultural phenomena like DJ software. Instead of the transmission unit being a gene, Richard Dawkins coined the word "meme" to describe how one might extend evolutionary principles to explain the spread of ideas and cultural phenomena. This mix is my first with a new species of DJ software called Traktor Pro. It's direct ancestor is Traktor 3 (which I was using up until now) but it has been influenced by many other meme-pools. I held off using it live for a while because it had too many bugs (mutations??) but this latest beta (1.1) is much more stable and usable. I'm still getting used to the new features particularly the effects and filters but think it has a lot of potential... Big up to the 1369 Bassdrive listeners that tuned in live!

Kiat, S.P.Y. - Close Encounters - Soul R
Trisector - Morning Rain - Medschool
Break - Destiny Comes Ringing - Commercial Suicide
Commix - Painted Smile - DNBA
Mixmaster D.O.C. - Gangsta Down - Deep Soul Music
Henree - Lomo - Deepkut
Electrosoul System - After Hours - Brand Nu
Commix - Life We Lead - Soul R
Blame - Because Of You - 720 Degrees Music
Metrik - Your World - Intrinsic
Lenzman, Treez - Bear Trap - Deepkut
Seba, Krazy - Detroit Amen - Critical
Phobia, Jubei - Overload - Invaderz
- Block Control - Moving Shadow
Naibu - The Shrine - Horizons
Blake Reary - Nowhere Near (Advisory Remix) - Binary Soul
TC - Borrowed Time VIP feat. Sub Focus - DStyle
- Contra feat. Lomax - RAM


  1. Right, the same kind of potention you truly have ;)

    Another great set you did this time, mostly the transition Blame / Metrik (one of my favourate!). Be back soon !

    Cheers from Paris


  2. Nice one Fred! I like that one too - the 'Your World' into piano is disturbingly dissonant over 'Because of You' but I think it sounds sick when it drops because it modulates the key upwards and gives an energy boost.

    My favourite though is the mix before that one, because of the close key relationship. Two wicked tracks too! (about 26 minutes in):-

    Commix - Life We Lead - Soul R
    Blame - Because Of You - 720 Degrees Music