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Monday 25 February 2008

DS112: Obdurate

I was happy this week to find two new releases in C major, which I opened with. This is quite rare as 90% of DnB I get is in a minor key. The third track, 'Distance Zero' by Lynx had to be pitched up a couple of semitones to blend in, reaching C major's relative key of A minor. I really like the feeling mixing relative keys brings to a mix. As you can probably tell, I relished performing this set. I'm really looking forward to rinsing it on my mp3 player throughout the week! Big up to all the talented producers supplying me and to all that appreciate these mixes. Mixed and performed live during the show 24 Feb 2008.

Telmo A - U Need My Love - Have A Break  
Bachelors of science - Song For Lovers - Horizons  
Lynx - Distance Zero - Deep Soul Music  
Naibu - KTX - Fokuz  
Soul Intent - Space Dust - Unsigned  
Physics, Alix Perez - Altered Soul - Fokuz  
Young Ax - Play Some More - Unsigned  
Nos - Daylight - Dispatch  
Basic Operations - Sold Hold - Nu Directions  
Switch - Together feat. Stunna - Fokuz  
Atlantic Connection feat. Tali - So Me - Westbay  
Redeyes, Youthman - Girlfriend -  
Icicle, Switch - Do I Move U - Lucky Devil

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