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Monday 31 December 2007

DS105: Harmonium

[Updated 7 October 2009 - Fixed download link to Roc's archive] I enjoyed today's show more than usual - hope it shows in the mix. All the very best for 2008 dear listener and reader. Mixed and broadcast live on Bassdrive - 30 December 2007.

Commix - Painted Smile - DNBA 
BCee, Lomax - Changing Faces - Fokuz 
Donnie Dubson, Stunna - Forever - Fokuz 
Kali - Tokyo (BCee, Lomax Remix) - Outta London 
Suv, Kubiks - Breakaway - Rubik 
Matrix, Futurebound - The Edge (feat. Sylo) - Viper 
Sub Focus - Airplane - RAM 
Blu Mar Ten - Let Myself Go - Renegade Hardware 
ES9 - Let It Go (Futurebound Remix) - 06S 
Mathematics, FX 909 - How I Love you - Fokuz 
Zero Tolerance feat. Alix Perez - Anyone But You - V 
Matrix, Futurebound - Skyscraper - Viper 
Greg Packer feat. MC Assasin - Landslide - Jerona Fruits 
TC - Lover Man - D Style 
Brookes Brothers, Culture Shock - Rework - RAM


  1. I remember listening to this as a junior in college in NH as I crammed last-minute final paper writing into an all-night foray in my car during the worst ice storm in recent history. I believe it was the night of Dec. 11 2008. In the morning, my car was the only one fully functional on campus. I somehow was able to download this recording on iTunes in 2008 and burned it onto a CD. I just found the CD again last month after 12 years. It brought back so many memories. Still, this mix was my ultimate favorite. I'm so glad it's still on the internet. And I'm so glad to see you still mixing Rocdollar. Blessings on you man. Thanks for this fantastic mix.

  2. Awesome story, thanks for sharing here my friend! Yes this is one I often revisit because it is super-harmonic, has a great playlist sequence and was when I was at my peak in terms of mixing skills, which take some practice to keep sharp (as my more recent mixes can testify to haha!)