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Sunday 8 April 2007

Digital Soundboard 73

The playlist for this episode was recently requested (10/10/2010) by 2u4u  so I thought I may as well re-up the audio for you all to listen to at the same time. The title above and description below are from the time before I started to give names to each episode (suggestions welcome!). The request to review my podcast in iTunes still stands and huge thanks all that have done so far.

Anyone that gives me a podcast review here in iTunes gets a special shout in the next show. Thanks any/all! :)

Backwards - Redeyes, Switch - Celsius
4th Street Sound Click (Kubiks, Lomax Remix) - Basic Operations - Phunkfiction
Spirit Filled - Kubiks, Lomax - Phunkfiction
Erratic Soul - Contour - Phunkfiction
Shining down on me - ICR - Covert Operations
Mistakes - Brookes Brothers - Breakbeat Kaos
Things To Come - Kubiks, Lomax - Phunkfiction
Playing with Time - Stunna, Redeyes - ???
Skyscraper - Matrix, Futurebound - Viper
Rolled up in the club - Falcon - Citrus
Pokerface - Nocturnal - Revolution
That Tune - Icicle - Fokuz
Far Away - Task Horizon - Fokuz
Crocker - Phace - Syndrome Audio
Loco - Rocket, Ra - Jedi
>>> Loco - Rocket, Ra - Jedi
Light Gives It All - ICR - ???

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