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Wednesday 21 September 2005

Digital Mix Show 001

[Added March 2019]

Where it all started. My first show on before it became Digital Soundboard two shows later. Big up to Zew for helping me rename it! I was nervous for my first show and in fact am always nervous performing live. Having to speak and mix on a radio show takes some getting used to and eventually I gave up speaking all together to focus on the best mix possible as you can hear from later episodes.

Makes me laugh when I listen to my early mixing (and talking) but it shows how I have developed over the years. I've lost the playlist sadly but it is a full 2 hour live set...with very new software at the time (Traktor 2 by Native Instruments) and an Evolution X-Session MIDI controller (shown below).
Before aquiring Traktor 2 and the X-Session I was using 2 copies of Winamp and a crossfade plugin with my mouse/keyboard...

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