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Thursday 18 June 2009

Mix DS144: Reap

A new beta of Traktor Pro came out last week so I bit the bullet and mixed with it for this months show. Still a few bugs to fix but in general a much faster performance than previous versions. Tracks seem to load much quicker into the decks but there are still some problems with the FX units when used from cold (as you may be able to detect!) I still need to collate a track list for you guys but in the meantime help yourself to the audio. This week features new music from Undersound, BCee and Redeyes among others.


  1. Another great mix! Too bad about the artifacts - Traktor have a lot of fixing to do.

    When will your next BassDrive live show happen?

  2. thanks nb, next bassdrive show is next sunday, 11 july 4pm gmt. hopefully see you in the chat!

  3. Aww man, I was offline at 4PM! So sorry to have missed the show today. :/