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Sunday 11 January 2009

Mix DS139: Hypercluster

I've only just realised in iTunes you only see reviews of podcasts according to which iTunes country store you are browsing. When I switched from the UK to the USA store (using the drop-down box at the bottom of the store page) I was amazed to find I had 9 reviews, all rated 5 out of 5! Thanks to everyone that has commented and reviewed this feed, I'm really chuffed you are enjoying it!

Metrik - Your World - Intrinsic
Brookes Brothers - Hard Knocks - Breakbeat Kaos
Q-Project - Electric Lust Orchestra - Hospital
Spirit - Fantasy - CIA
Lenzman - String City - Fokuz
Trei - Too High - Critical
DJ Samurai - Outsider - Viper
Atlantic Connection - Disco Shit (Bass Anthem) - Westbay
Q-Project - Just Chillin - Machine Funk
Mixmaster Doc - Mr Scott - Sonorous
L.A.O.S. - Star Soul - Have A Break
Logistics - Intervention - Hospital
SpectraSoul - Peninsula - Shogun Audio
Lomax - Come And See - Critical
Atlantic Connection - Sleaze (The Stripper Song) - Westbay
Nymfo - Cybernetic Disorder - Critical
Incident - Ambush - Basswerk Files

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