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Sunday 9 November 2008

DS137: Peng

Thanks for your patience folks...hope you enjoy the mix.

Lynx - Heat Haze - Deep Soul Music  
dRamatic - Expanding - Unreleased 
Contour - Moving Higher (Basic Operations Remix) - Cymbalism
Shinichi Osawa - Star Guitar (Brookes Brothers Remix) - Data 
Split Second - Feel You - Liq-Weed Ganja 
Advisory, Scenic - Sweet Dreams - Binary Soul 
Michael Jackson - Human Nature (Redeyes bootleg Remix) - Bootleg 
Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down - Breakbeat Kaos 
Suv, Kubiks - Breakaway (feat. Hannah Collins) - Rubik 
Bachelors of Science - Hold On (feat Redeyes) - Horizons 
Mutated Forms, MC Tali - Blue Magic feat. MC Tali (DJ SS Remix) - New Identity 
Nu:Tone - Troopers - Hospital  
Sub Focus - Join The Dots - RAM 
Saburuko - Avec Moi - Integral 
Bachelors Of Science - Strings Track (Apex Remix) - Horizons 
Advisory, Scenic - Tranquility - Binary Soul 
SpectraSoul - Peninsula - Shogun Audio 
D Kay, Lee - December - Metalheadz


  1. Ez mate, thanks for the support



  2. Totally eager to hear each of your new mixes. Your commitment to pitch-perfect mixing is a real refreshing perspective, esp. as harmonic drum 'n' bass can be a B**** to mix.

    Can you comment on whether or not you've had to struggle with sound quality issues? I'm a real nerd when it comes to sound quality, and have resisted doing time-stretched pitch shifting because (1) my 1.6ghz powerbook won't do the highest quality of traktor stretching (phase vocoded I presume) and (2) I'm suspicious of anything that pulls apart and reconstructs my 320kbps MP3 stream...

    ... it's impossible to tell from the podcasts because they're already 128kbps mushy -- so can you reveal what your 'mush' factor has been re: timestretching?

    Thanks very much
    - canton

  3. PS: @ 21'15" -- thank you thank you thank you :) uplifting moment to a cloudy day.

  4. canton, thanks for your comment - no stuggle with sound quality really. The phase vocoder seems to do pretty well providing you don't alter pitch by more than a couple of semitones, which I wouldn't really want anyway.

    The slight degradation or 'mushiness' you refer to hardly is noticable and I reckon the harmonic rewards far outweigh it.

  5. The link to download is down...

  6. Yes sorry Benny and all others trying to download recently. This service is provided for free courtesy of one of the Bassdrive DJ's. I think there have been a few issues with the amount of bandwidth we are using.

    I'm going to try rehosting the mixes at who I have heard a few good things about, so please keep trying the link or subscribing in your iTunes while I update the download links.