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Friday 25 July 2008

DS130: Sneak

Apologies for the lack of episodes recently, I have been having problems with my live streaming output. Despite my best efforts to solve, it's looking increasingly like I am going to have to reformat my pc and start from scratch! :(

In the meantime and in some way to make up for your loyal subscription, I have pre-recorded a mix for broadcast on Sunday which I am giving you exclusive preview access to. I hope you enjoy listening. Recorded live on Thursday 24 July 2008 10.30pm - 60 minutes @ 192kbps

>>> Despite Everything - Kubiks, Lomax - Deepkut 
>>> Mr. Me Too (Atlantic Connection Bootleg)
Clipse - Unreleased
Right On - Calibre - Signature
Dreamscape - Sonic - Bingo Beats
Strings Track (Apex Remix) - Bachelors Of Science - Horizons
>>> Synapse (Bungle Remix) - Contour - Blu Saphir
Keep The Sunshine feat. Diane Charlemagne - Blame - 720 Degrees
Healing Process - Kjell - Santorin
2000 Soul Flower - Nu:Tone - Hospital
Only You - Akira - Spearhead
Feet Won't Touch The Ground - Danny Byrd - Hospital
Soul Hold - Basic Operations - Nu Directions
>>> American Beauty - Futurebound, Matrix - Viper
>>> Dawn Treader - Futurebound, Brookes Brothers - Breakbeat Kaos 
Harmony - L.A.O.S - Future Retro 
>>> The Question - D-Bridge - Exit 
Dream Come True - SKC - Commercial Suicide 
Still U - Icicle - Celcius 
Healing - Will Miles - Deep Soul Music 
Let It Go - Dh - Tipping Point 
Don't Boast - Beatkonexion - Trackdonalds

1 comment:

  1. It's all good. :-)

    Best of luck with your PC. One other UK-based Bassdrive host last week had issues with skipping as well. Given that you recorded this one fine, perhaps network conditions with your ISP are the culprit.