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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Mix DS161: LHR 2 LAX

I did this quickly today so I had a fresh mix for tomorrow's business trip to LA. I wasn't going to release it as the next episode as it was initially just meant as a way to listen to some of my new tunes during the 11 hour flight. I changed my mind...

Knowing someone else could be listening to what I am will be a welcome comfort. See you on the flip!

Command Strange - Rainbow In Your Hand - Fokuz
Random Movement - Waterlogged - Innerground
Flaco - On A Ride - Soundtrax Records
ATP, Dave Owen - Way Back When - Rubik Digital
Theory - Dirty Tricks - Translation Recordings
Crystal Distortion - Elysee Crash - Expressillon
Bcee, S.P.Y. - Nothing To Declare - Spearhead
Level 2 - Days Of Rain - Liquid V
The Force - Blinded - Rebel Bass
Muffler - Triplet - SighCo
Chris.Su - The Bell - Triple Vision
Flaco - I Just Wanna Be - Soundtrax Records
Random Movement - Kids In The Sea - Innerground
Muffler - Gone With The Wind - SighCo
The Force - Hoodlum - Rebel Bass
Dave Owen - Stay Cool - IQ Entertainment
Muffler - Rotate - SighCo
New Zealand Shapeshifter - New Day Come (The Nextmen Remix) - Hospital