Monday, 15 August 2011

Mix DS169: Thermosphere

Keeping the beats rolling through what has been a riotous August...Rest assured kind patron, the only thing I'll be smashing and grabbing anytime soon will be your eardrums and heart respectively.

Big Bud - Blues For Zoran
MSDOS - By Cough
Turtled - Tropico
Level 2 - Ghetto Sounds
Pappa G - She Knew
Komatic - Now Shes Free
The Planty Herbs - Output
DJ Marky, Makoto - Secret Place (Random Movement Remix)
Intelligent Manners - I Hope U Do
Jonny L - 1 n 2
The Square - Motion
MSDOS - Debacle
Command Strange - Bingo
Atlantic Connection - Everything Changes
Command Strange - Emotions
Paul SG -Tears Not Drying
MSDOS - Jazz Fantasies
Disaszt - We Rise feat. Shimon
Matrix, Futurebound - Biology
Intelligent Manners - Like Cat & Mouse