Sunday, 14 February 2010

Mix DS152: Elcor

Mass Effect 2 is this month's mix title inspiration. I started playing it on the 360 this weekend and have quickly been sucked back in. Of all the alien races in the game the Elcor have got to be my favourites. Although they look quite frightful they are actually quite cute. Hopefully I will be able to recruit one into my posse of dorks, especially if it has trousers as hot as these:-

  1. Jazz Thieves - Midnight Hour (Submorphics Remix) - Pushin' Wax
  2. N.Phect, Fourward - White Noise Down - Fokuz
  3. Basic Operations - 4th Street Sound Click (Kubiks, Lomax Remix) - Phunkfiction
  4. Bcee - Heartache (Matrix Remix) - Spearhead
  5. Nu:Tone feat. Natalie Williams - System (Matrix and Futurebound Remix) - Hospital
  6. Lenzman - Rags To Riches - SGN:LTD
  7. Lenzman - Sugar Hill - Deepkut
  8. L.A.O.S - Back No More - Large Amount Of Soul
  9. Command Strange - So Good - Have A Break
  10. Amaning - With Ure Love - Allsorts
  11. Soulmatic - Hold Me - Intrinsic
  12. Komatic - Beijing - ???
  13. Bcee, Lomax - Love, Hope, Future (Aorta Remix) - Fokuz
  14. Shinichi Osawa - Star Guitar (Brookes Brothers Remix) - Data
  15. Mistabishi - No Matter What - Hospital
  16. Break - Crunchy - Critical
  17. Loxy, Naibu - Hajime - Critical


  1. Wow! Excellent mix again!

    Also, thanks for posting my second comment on the previous mixpost - glad to hear the track choice in this one.

  2. Haha no worries NB I missed it first time around and it remained hidden away unmoderated for answer your question, no more than usual really - those tracks just seemed to go well together to tell a story of loss. You could say (and do suggest - I agree) this month's mix is perhaps more biased towards gain.

  3. Yet another great mix, I listened to this one while tearing down the slopes yesterday (downhill skiing):)

  4. Thanks Chad, hope it helped you win a gold medal! ;)

    The closest I have got into winter sports is watching the curling on TV last night...need to sort it out!

  5. I have to say I listen every month and look forward to each of these mixes. I especially love vocal mixes, and this last months was fantastic. I'm hoping to hear tons of that...can't wait to see what Rocdallar has for March!