Sunday, 22 June 2008

DS128: Digital pools

D-Bridge kicks off this week with a detuned bassline that brings quite a melancholic flavour to what sounds like the normally cheery key of C major. Make sure you check out his full new album release on
>>> D-BridgeThe QuestionExit
>>> @tmospherixzMagnifiqueUnsigned
Kubiks, LomaxVegas RemixPhunkfiction
Donnie DubsonSummer CamePhunkfiction
Will MilesEye BelieveSonorous
Peyo, Cloud NineThat's What You Do To Me (Random Movement Remix)Blu Saphir
Redeyes, PeyoDelightBingo Beats
NaibuIt Took A Long TimeCreative Source
Syncopix, MTC YawGood MorningForm
SyncopixOutside YouSyncopix
CalculonWait Up feat. Kelly DeanRubik
Nymfo, ProximaKnock Knock Frequency
>>> PariahLimboStrictly Digital
Black AkresSuch Fiction feat. Suchi Rudra Vasquez (ICR DNB Mix)Misspent Music
SpectraSoulShades Of BlueFokuz


  1. Please let me know what you think to this mix.

  2. Hi ROC, i think there is something wrong with the ds128 mp3 hyperlink? It goes to same page. Anyway i manage to take the older links logic and download it ;)
    will comment it soon.

  3. Thanks nixx, I've just fixed it!

  4. HI again . As is said, leaving a post..
    This mix is very well done, almost seemless mixed tracks makes it very clean. Good selection and last tracks are my favorite sound style ;)
    good 1.
    i would like to leave my favorites here to.
    best "intro/beginning tracks" for me was in 100 Tech Funk Special
    for the whole set's i loved DS92 and DS101 when you presented "hypercomplex" one of my favorite tracks =D

    [[keep up all good work]] pc

  5. This was my summer training track and reminds me of running for miles through sunny French forests. Cheers Roc, fantastic mix!

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