Monday, 31 March 2008

DS117: Circadia

Hot on the heals of his elder brother Nu:Tone's LP comes Logistics with 'Reality Checkpoint' of which a couple of tracks are featured below. Definately worth checking out in a download bundle - pure quality throughout. Today's mix also features one of the 4 Hero remix winners, Dangerous D - with an intensely bouncy take on Reinforced's 'Mr Kirk' saga. Also worth looking out for is the new EP from Vital Elements 'How it all began' bringing some fresh beats to some old school samples. More to come from that one in coming weeks. Logistics - 96 - Hospital Futurebound, Brookes Brothers - Dawn Treader - Breakbeat Kaos PH - Take Me Home - Liquid Brilliants ICR - Heartbroken - Vibez Vital Elements - Dreams Become Reality - V2E Dangerous D - 4 Hero Mr Kirk (Uno Who Remix) - see Nu:Tone - Missing Link VIP - Hospital XRS - Bravin - Bulldozer Contour - Moving Higher (Basic Operations Remix) - Cymbalism Blue Sonix - Luv Me (Logistics Remix) - Spearhead >>> Kali - Tokyo (BCee, Lomax Remix) - Outta London Survival - Inside Vibes - Vibez Recordings Logistics - Dreamer Of Dreams - Hospital SpectraSoul - Tender Doubt - Celsius Mutt - Credence (Kubiks, Lomax Remix) - Intrinsic Submorphics - What She Wants - Santorin 2000 Biz Marki, Elephant Man - Let Me See You Bounce (Chris SU Dub Mix) - Pathological


  1. Hi Roc - brilliant work!

    Around 50:30 a new song appears. I think you didn't mention it at your tracklist. It fills the gap between Credence and Let me see you Bounce. I love this one, could you help me and tell me the name of it?

  2. I have heard this one some time ago. A Mix CD and the Track is called "What She Wants" by Submorphics.
    I've found it by myself :)

    Great Selection :) Keep on rocking.

  3. Ah wooshle, well spotted! I missed out the Submorphics tune... I'll fix the playlist now. Thank you!