Monday, 24 March 2008

DS116: Resurrection

I tried the new Traktor 3.4.030 beta this week but it had some serious issues with its claim of 'improved soundcard support' as it didn't work with my Creative X-Fi properly. This meant I had to revert back to the current release version, 3.3.060 for the show. The new sound engine changes are *intending* to help with hot-plugging MIDI controllers and audio interfaces when performing live. One of 3.4's other interesting updates though, is full Unicode support. This means one of Traktor's most useful features, the track collection database and it's metadata tagging system become even more powerful. Supporting Unicode means collection fields with data stored in non-latin languagues such as Japanese, Hebrew and Russian can all be searched and sorted upon. It also means better language support for the interface labels. I look forward to the NI team getting this update nailed, it's a big one! Mixed and recorded live on Sunday 23rd March 2008. Happy holidays and big up to all my regular listeners - this mix is dedicated to you. Aaron Simpson, Brian Abbey - Never Far from Right (Ben Sage Remix) - see iTunes >>> Contour - In Your Eyes - BIOS Utah Saints - Something Good '08 (High Contrast Remix) - Data 4 Hero - Mr Kirk (DJ Loko Remix) - see Atlantic Connection - Alliance Amen - Sonorous >>> Snaper - Etron - Exegene Commix - Tycoon - Metalheadz Phono - Timestitch - Leet Proktah - Labyrinth (Phace Remix) - Have A Break >>> Maztek - Music Machine - Modulate >>> Sunchase - We Can Pay - Fragments The Insiders - Renaissance - Nu Directions Basic Operations - Southern Lights - Renegade Nos - Daylight - Dispatch Nu:Tone - On The Corner - Hospital L-plus - Middle East Sun - Viper >>> Marky, Bungle - Back To The Vibe - CIA >>> Naibu - KTX - Fokuz

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  1. Great selection on this set, once again !

    Big Up from Paris !